2017 was the Year of the PPB - what we learnt and what we are doing.

Monday, 26 Mar 2018

Already the results have seen action with 3 major new initiatives underway.

The survey results has led to an agreement to trial the Primary Producer Brigade (PPB) Co-Operative Funding Model with Blackall / Tambo Regional Council during the 2017/18 financial year.

Rural Community 1st Aid by RFS is being investigated by QFES on the back of the survey and the desire of PPB members to access accredited training in their communities.

The Fit for Task vehicle design and brigade consultation process was also created in response to truck brigades visited during the travels across the state last year.

The RFBAQ has also isolated some other opportunities for the RFSQ and RFBAQ to increase the support options available to PPB’s.

Primary Producer Brigade members were asked a number of questions regarding their relationship with RFSQ and QFES at a series of events that would have a high proportion of PPB members.  This was undertaken at the Mareeba Field Day (every 2 years), FarmFest (annual), Ag-Grow (annual), Westech (every 3 years) and the Hungerford Field Day (every 2 years).

(These events only line up every 6 years, so don’t expect another one soon).

The questions were asked and responses noted by the RFBAQ to ensure that there was consistency in query and answer.

Press play to have a look at some of the results from the survey.

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