Universal First Aid & CPR Training

Monday, 28 Nov 2022

Universal First Aid & CPR training for brigade members is now available.

Brigades can access either local training from an external community provider, join in on an SES or Fire & Rescue training or learn online. 
This training is at no expense to the brigade and is available to both firefighters and support members with no brigade participation limit.
The RFBAQ sees Rural Fire as the natural carriage organisation for this training, as not every town or settlement has a Police Station, Ambulance, Hospital or Fire and Rescue Station; but they are all covered by or surrounded by Rural Fire Brigades and brigade volunteers.
How do brigades access this  - contact your local RFSQ Area Office.
The RFBAQ have been advocating for 1st aid training at no cost to brigades for years and now it is here.
Our yellow trucks have 1st aid kits, defibrillators and we were deemed as health care providers by Blue Card Services and now we have the most important missing piece.
In 2017 we did a listening tour and grants programme targeted directly at Primary Producer Brigade members regarding what sort of equipment and training that they wanted and it was 1st Aid training as a standout leader in their responses. And to have it provided by a local supplier, which means that locals are training locals and the money stays in the area. 
We then started advocating for this in 2018. You can read more about that on our website, as well as the original call for 1st aid training for brigades in Parliament after the big bushfires of 1954.

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