The ANZAC’s have arrived

Wednesday, 12 Feb 2020

In mid-January the RFBAQ received the below email - 
My name is Monica Hutchison and I am reaching out from Center Valley Elementary School in Russellville, Arkansas (USA). I am the music teacher at our school. My colleague, Chelsey Cravens (art teacher), and I teach a class called Culture Club. Some of our 3rd and 4th grade students have been learning about Australia for the last two weeks. One of the things we learned to do was bake ANZAC biscuits. Due to the tragedy your country is enduring, the students wanted to do something to support your efforts as you fight fires and save lives. We want to bake ANZAC biscuits and make cards. We studied how these biscuits were sent by loved ones to the Australian troops during WWI because they did not spoil for long periods of time. We will be making the cards and biscuits next week, January 21-24. 
Australia is always the first country we teach each year and it was so strange that the wildfires coincided with our study of your country. Our school is celebrating KINDNESS WEEK next week so we felt it appropriate to shower your workers with kindness. We look forward to hearing from you as our students are so excited to send a little cheer your way.
Monica Hutchison
Center Valley Music Specialist
Every child, every day, whatever it takes!
Today the biscuits and a huge number of cards arrived.
After eating 1 for “quality assurance purposes”, our intent was to send the rest to Queensland firefighters who are on deployment at the fire front in the southern states as that’s the purpose of an ANZAC, to be sent to the front. 
Thankfully we have received good rains across much of the East coast and this has allowed Fire Brigade Volunteers to return from deployment.
What the rains have also brought is flooding to large areas of NSW, and Queensland SES Volunteers and Rural Fire Volunteers have now again deployed south of the border.
The State Deployment Centre in Brisbane will distribute the ANZAC’s to the next rotation of volunteers who are going South.
Thanks again to the students and teachers from the Center Valley Elementary School who have shown us again how small our world has become.

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