State Radio Upgrade Project

Monday, 12 Aug 2019

Dear Colleagues,
It has been brought to our attention that communications regarding the rollout of our requirement to meet with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) harmonisation and compliance has not reached all of our people. 
We have now entered the 2019 fire season and it is imperative that our staff and volunteers are aware of any changes which may impact their day-to-day operations.
For our Rural Fire Service personnel, our Regional Managers will have already received an initial email and a phone call on this matter from A/AC RFS Tony Johnstone.
In follow up to that conversation, and for our Fire and Rescue Service personnel, please find attached information which includes some immediate actions that I ask you to complete to ensure all brigades and stations are confident in their communication plans for their area of responsibility. 
We need to ensure that we are closing the loop in our engagement and communications. Firstly I ask you to pass this direction down the chain so that it reaches the right people so they are aware of this information. Secondly, I ask that in advance of any changes in a region that the RLT, through the area commanders, notify the brigades and stations ahead of any adjustments to technology. The adjustment is to be confirmed at the time of change, and then follow up occurs to ensure that identification of any coverage changes is acted upon with a mitigation plan established. 
I ask you to make this a priority. If you have any questions regarding the above please feel free to contact either myself or A/Deputy Commissioner John Bolger.
Kind regards,
Mike Wassing AFSM
Queensland Fire and Emergency Services
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