South East Queensland Rainfall and Flooding Event February-March 2022 Review

Wednesday, 16 Mar 2022

Inspector-General of Emergency Management (IGEM)

South East Queensland Rainfall and Flooding Event February-March 2022 Review

On 15 March 2022, the Premier and Minister for the Olympics announced the Office of the Inspector-General of Emergency Management (the Office) will undertake a review of the South East Queensland (SEQ) Rainfall and Flooding Event in February-March 2022.
Terms of Reference
As part of the review, the Office has been tasked by the Minister for Police and Corrective Services and Minister for Fire and Emergency Services to assess the effectiveness of preparedness activities and the response to SEQ Rainfall and Flooding Event of February-March 2022 by the Queensland Government (including Government Owned Corporations and Statutory Bodies), relevant local government agencies, and other agencies engaged in response operations in the Local Government Areas activated for Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements. The review will address the timing and effectiveness of Emergency Alerts that were issues to warn the general community of the flooding event and the effectiveness of cooperation between all agencies engaged in response operations.
In conducting the review, the Office will ensure good practice and opportunities for improvement are highlighted in the report. A copy of the review's terms of reference are available for download here.
The Office will work closely with local, state, and federal agencies, and other relevant stakeholders to obtain information to assist in the review.

Public submissions

Submissions from the community will be invited until 1600hrs Tuesday 19 April 2022.
Members of the community may also supply additional information to support their submissions including photographs, videos, historical records, maps, etc. Public submissions can be made to the Office via e-mail to or GPO Box 1425, Mail Cluster 15.7 Brisbane, Queensland 4001.
Guidelines for providing submissions, including confidentiality and other requirements, will be made available on the website shortly. The submissions are being considered in line with the review terms of reference.
Community Forums - Expressions of Interest
As part of the SEQ Rainfall and Flood Review, the Inspector-General of Emergency Management (IGEM) will be conducting some community forums. The location of and timings for these engagement forums will also be available on the IGEM website once finalised.
If you find you are unable to attend, you can make a submission as outlined above or contact the IGEM office through addressing the nature of your enquiry.

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