Name: Robert Lang
Position: Rockhampton Representative
Address: PO Box 748 ROCKHAMPTON QLD 4700
Mobile: 0408 458 110

Robert has been a brigade member for 47 years and has been an Active Firefighter all that time. He was appointed inaugural Fire Warden of the reformed Princhester RFB and remained in that position for 6 years. He was appointed Acting Fire Warden Nankin No 2 after the untimely death of the Warden, Fred Elliott, for a period of three months until Ben Wootton was appointed. He was then appointed Fire Warden of Nankin No 1 and has remained in that position for 22 years. He has served a total of 28 years as a Fire Warden. He has been a member of the Nankin RFB Management Committee for 11 years. Currently, he is an Active Firefighter, Fire Warden Nankin No 1 and a member of the Management Committee of Nankin RFB.

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