RFBAQ Annual General Meeting and Elected Positions

Wednesday, 16 Sep 2020

The RFBAQ triennial election process concluded with the start of the General Meeting.
At this meeting the RFBAQ reps voted for the new management committee and also who will sit on the other bodies where the RFBAQ are members.
Elected RFBAQ Positions and how to contact the Reps on them
Management Committee
RFBAQ President – Ian Pike AFSM – president@rfbaq.org
Senior Vice President – Nellie Baron – charterstowers@rfbaq.org
Junior Vice President – Gary Patzwald – toowoomba@rfbaq.org
Management Committee member – Dave Morton – bundaberg@rfbaq.org
Management Committee member – Ian Swadling AFSM – caboolture@rfbaq.org
There are 3 RFBAQ reps on each of the RFSQ Strategic Committees which are – 
Operations Strategic Working Group – (equipment, ppc, truck design, incident control….)
Ian Pike AFSM – president@rfbaq.org
Gary Patzwald – toowoomba@rfbaq.org
Ian Swadling AFSM – caboolture@rfbaq.org
Training and Mitigation Working Group – (training packages, how training is rolled out, mitigation ….)
Gary Patzwald – toowoomba@rfbaq.org
Ian Swadling AFSM – caboolture@rfbaq.org
Dave Morton – bundaberg@rfbaq.org
Volunteer Support Working Group  - (brigade manual, secretary support, promotional items, peer support…..)
Nellie Baron – charterstowers@rfbaq.org
Dave Morton – bundaberg@rfbaq.org
Lesley Brand – maryborough@rfbaq.org
The QFES has Governance Committees and sub committees that have RFBAQ representation, these are - 
Uniform and Personal Protective Clothing (PPC) Sub-Committee – (Chair) - Executive Director, Executive Ministerial & Corporate Services.
Ian Pike AFSM - president@rfbaq.org
Health & Safety Committee – Committee Chair – Deputy Commissioner’s rotate annually.
Ian Pike AFSM - president@rfbaq.org
People & Culture Committee - Committee Chair – Deputy Commissioner Mike Wassing.
Ian Pike AFSM - president@rfbaq.org
RFBAQ elected reps also are represented on the – 
Olga Wilson Firefighter Trust
Ian Pike AFSM - president@rfbaq.org
Deemed Diseases - Committee Representative
Ian Pike AFSM - president@rfbaq.org
Emergency Volunteer Advisory Forum (EVAF) Chaired by Volunteering Queensland
Ian Pike AFSM - president@rfbaq.org
Council of Australian Volunteer Fire Associations (CAVFA)
Ian Pike AFSM - president@rfbaq.org
Nellie Baron - charterstowers@rfbaq.org
The RFBAQ also has a Diligence Committee to oversee any complaints regarding the Management Committee - 
RFBAQ Diligence Committee Representative
Les Green AFSM - innisfail@rfbaq.org

Contact details for all the current RFBAQ Reps are available on our website here.
A mailout will be sent to all brigade secretaries and 1st Officers with an election wrap up including a thank you for the reps who have retired and a short bio on the new reps that have started.
At the General meeting the nominee for South Coast RFBAQ rep position was unable to commence the role and on Wednesday the 16th September the RFBAQ rep for Burnett, Les Lane, tendered his resignation.
By-election nomination forms will soon be mailed to all brigade secretaries in these 2 areas calling for nominations.


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