Rural Fire Brigade Grants Paid and Grants Approved

Monday, 25 Nov 2019


13 Hardship Grants

In the last week the RFBAQ has paid 13 Hardship Grants totaling over $30,000  to brigade members affected by fire. These grants range from South East Region, through South West Region and into Central Region. This is money paid directly to local suppliers so that the Rural Fire Brigade Volunteer is able to meet immediate needs ahead of the insurance claims process. 
From the hardship grants that have come in, almost all of them have been from local word of mouth. If you know of a brigade member in need or are a brigade member in need then please reach out to your 1st Officer, local RFBAQ Rep, members of RFSQ Paid Staff or ring (0428 218 507) or message the RFBAQ.

Another 15 Buy Local $2,000 Grants Approved

The RFBAQ Management Committee met on Saturday and approved all of the Buy Local $2,000 Grants that had been received with 2 being hand delivered on the day. This will allow for these grants to be paid and the brigade to receive their goods before Christmas. The list of the successful brigades and the goods is below.
Congratulations to the successful brigades! You will be recieving official notification in the mail soon. Please have your supplier/s invoice the RFBAQ directly (no quotes, and not made out to the brigade).
Area Brigade Primary Reason for Application
Caloundra Ilkley & Districts Photocopier / scanner / printer
Caloundra Eudlo Thermal imager, torches and batteries
Caloundra Federal Road base
Maryborough Tinnanbar Flammable goods storage cabinet
Charters Towers Greenvale Town PPE lockers and backpack blower
Darling Downs Killarney Laptop and TV
Innisfail Tinaroo Backpack blower and chainsaw
Charters Towers Charters Towers Tool box and tools
Charters Towers Pentland Mobile phone repeaters
Charters Towers Balfes Creek Mobile phone repeaters
Maryborough Bidwill Air compressor, high pressure washer, felling axe and wedge
Townsville Round Mountain iPad, printer and accessories
Caboolture Villeneuve Training room chairs
Bundaberg Tirroan Floor coverings and tools for station
Caloundra Mapleton Chairs and light bars for trucks

Satellite Communications Grant for Davies Creek RFB

Davies Creek RFB covers 150 sqkm and is located on the Atherton Tablelands on the Kennedy Highway, East of Mareeba in the Cairns Peninsular RFSQ area. The brigade has 20 support members and 24 active firefighters. The brigade has 1 slip on unit, 1 light attack fire truck and a medium attack fire truck.
The brigade does receive a Rural fire Levy and is supported by Mareeba Shire Council alongside fundraising for its income.
The brigade has a fire shed that is connected to power, septic and water.
As stated in the letter of support from RFSQ, “Many of the fires that Davies Creek attend are in remote areas where mobile phone coverage is sketchy or non-existent.”

RFBAQ Standard Grants Approved

Wallaville RFB in the Bundaberg RFSQ Area was approved on Saturday for $5,000 for an extension onto its current fire shed. This will allow the brigade to hold a meeting without having to move everything outside.
The brigade has 14 active firefighters and 7 support members and covers 150 sqkm  south of Gin Gin with the Bruce Highway running through the brigade area.
The brigade has 2 medium attack fire trucks, a support vehicle and several slip on units and receives a Rural fire levy from Bundaberg Regional Council.
Previously Wallaville RFB has received RFBAQ grants in 2006 for 4 VHF radios valued at $2,300; 2008 for GPS, computer and Kestral at $3,200; 2008 for contribution toward new fire shed at $5,000 and in 2012 for awning and concrete driveway for fire shed at $5,000.
South Kolan RFB in the Bundaberg RFSQ Area was approved for $10,000 for fit out of the new fire shed that includes all wet areas, plumbing and septic work. The brigade has 24 active firefighters and 10 support members and covers 114 sqkm and is located in a loop of the Burnett River west of Bundaberg. The brigade has a light attack fire truck and a medium attack fire truck and the brigade area comprises sugarcane and small crops alongside naturally timbered country and residential acreage. The brigade receives a Rural fire levy from Bundaberg Regional Council.

$50,000 approved towards Mapping Tablets for Truck Brigades

In total $200,000 will be used to purchase 200 tablets that will be loaded with a soon to be released fire service mapping tool. 
The ongoing monthly subscription fee will be met by the RFSQ so no ongoing financial burden would be extended to the brigade.  
Mapping tools are of great benefit to brigades at bushfires as it will allow the brigade to understand the topography, access roads and to be able to communicate the size and position of the fire to incident control and in a real-time way share information with the aerial fire bombing assets. In cyclone season this will allow the brigades to share the rapid damage windscreen assessments.
Brigade eligibility would be those brigades with fire trucks (about 750 truck brigades in QLD), and from the least financial brigades up, with wealthier brigades being able to purchase the devices at the agreed reduced rate.
The funding from South32 is an amazingly generous $100,000 that will be supplemented by $50,000 from The RFBAQ and $50,000 from RFSQ.
RFSQ will administer this grants process.

Grants available to Rural Fire Brigades in Queensland from the RFBAQ.

Hardship Grants

Are you a brigade volunteer affected by bushfire? 
Please reach out to your 1st Officer, local RFBAQ Rep, members of RFSQ Paid Staff or ring (0428 218 507) or message the RFBAQ.
100% funded by ticket sales in the RFBAQ Art Union and donations to the RFBAQ.

Communication Grants

To qualify:
  • Registered QLD Brigade,
  • Receive less than $5,000 / year in levy funding,
  • Have a truck,
  • Have poor communications in your area
If that sounds like you, read more here and download an application form, fill it in (ensuring it's signed by your local RFSQ Area Director, and also includes a letter of support from your local RFSQ Area Director).
Funded by:
  • Queensland Fire and Emergency Services 
  • Olga Wilson Firefighters Trust  
  • The Cody Foundation 
  • Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland


Buy Local Brigade Grants

75 x $2000 Buy Local Brigade Grants

  • Open to all Queensland brigades
  • Equipment will be purchased by RFBAQ from local suppliers
  • For items not already supplied by the Rural Fire Service
  • One application per brigade
100% funded by ticket sales in the RFBAQ Art Union and donations to the RFBAQ.
Landcruiser Light attack grants
6 x  Toyota Light Attacks for Brigades that do not have a fire truck.
100% funded by ticket sales in the RFBAQ Art Union and donations to the RFBAQ.

Standard RFBAQ Brigade Grants open all year long, every year.

100% funded by ticket sales in the RFBAQ Art Union and donations to the RFBAQ.

Brigade Resources

Brigade Secretaries:

  • Do you need more 'Horses in Bushfires' info sheet hard copies?
  • More banner pens with the Standard Incident Codes?
  • Stickers to recognise businesses that employ volunteers?
  • Stickers to thank those businnesses that support your brigade?
Order direct from our website today and it goes in the post tomorrow.

Counselling and Support for Brigade Members

When should I seek help?

You should seek help from a Peer Support Officer or a Fire & Emergency Services Support Network Counsellor if you notice:
  • the way you feel is getting in the way of living the life you would like to lead
  • an increase in your alcohol, tobacco and other drugs use
  • any decline in the quality of your relationships
  • an unwelcome change of behaviour that has negative consequences for you.
What type of issues does FESSN address?
Fire & Emergency Services Support Network can help with any life issue that may be troubling you. For example:
  • critical incident stress
  • work issues such as conflict, stress, harassment and bullying etc.
  • emotional difficulties
  • self-esteem issues
  • home/family/relationship difficulties
  • communication difficulties
  • loss and grief.

Who can use the FESSN services?

Any QFES staff member or volunteer or their immediate family for any personal or work-related issue.
The FESSN acknowledges "immediate family" as a spouse/de facto and dependent family members.

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