Hard part done; now we need some yellow trucks to put them on!

Friday, 22 Nov 2019


The numberplates for the 6 x LandCruiser Light Attack Prototypes have arrived - so what comes next?


Tenders close on the 9th of December at 2pm Queensland time.

Are you a Rural Fire Brigade without a fire truck?
Are you active brigade that wants to increase the way you defend your community with a fire truck?
Then start getting your application together for one of the 6 x Toyota Light Attacks for Brigades that do not have a fire truck. 
Applications need to be in the form of a business plan developed by the brigade in conjunction with your local RFSQ Inspector and RFBAQ Elected Representative (your local RFSQ Inspector has the template.) Read more here...
Are you a Rural Fire Brigade or brigade member who has an opinion on what a light attack fire truck should be able to do and how it fits into the fleet profile?
The 6 x Toyota Light Attack Prototypes will be travelling the state looking for design modifications, improvements or changes that will go into the final production design of Light Attacks built on a Toyota LandCruiser cab chassis.
All 6 x Toyota Light Attacks Prototypes will be the same prototype design that will allow for a quick, consistent and comprehensive engagement process with brigades and brigade members. Feedback can be given during trials of the trucks around the state with the forms provided on the day or through the RFBAQ - LandCruiser Light Attack Prototype Facebook page. (Please wait until the trucks are made before commenting on them)
The 1st Prototype will be available at Volunteer Summits; one in Cairns in early May 2020 and the second at Twin Waters in mid June 2020.
Following final production, all 6 vehicles will be distributed across the state for an engagement tour that will run from June until late August.
You will be able to keep updated on the position of each of the prototypes on the RFBAQ - LandCruiser Light Attack Prototype Facebook page.
The end of this process will see the RFBAQ Elected Representatives on the RFSQ Operations Strategic Working Group bring the findings to the committee meetings and formulate a final Toyota LandCruiser light attack design that will be adopted by RFSQ.
This will then allow brigades to have a choice between a Ford Ranger or a Toyota LandCruiser light attack, similar to the choices available to brigades in the medium attack designs.

The production costs of these 6 vehicles is 100% funded by a donation to the RFBAQ from the late Randall Alexander Ferris.


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