Previous Grant Applications

Current list of completed grants paid.

Grant Number District Brigade / Group Grant Value Primary Reason/s for Grant
GN20/591 Mackay Cotherstone $590.90 UHF radio and poly fittings
GN19/585 Bundaberg Wallaville $5,000.00 Shed extension
GN19/584 Barcaldine Moodewarra $1,914.17 Overhead tank
HS19/01 Burnett Hardship grant $1,375.00 Steel pickets
HS19/02 Darling Downs Hardship grant $2,041.00 Steel pickets and fencing
HS19/03 Burnett Hardship grant $1,474.00 Fencing supplies
HS19/04 South Coast Hardship grant $1,774.00 Fencing supplies and hay
HS19/05 Innisfail Hardship grant $4,037.40 Fencing supplies and hay
HS19/06 Darling Downs Hardship grant $1,350.00 Chainsaw
HS19/07 Rockhampton Hardship grant $2,927.94 Posts and wire
HS19/08 South Coast Hardship grant $2,800.00 Fencing supplies and hay
HS19/09 Rockhampton Hardship grant $2,989.00 Pump and generator
HS19/10 Rockhampton Hardship grant $2,952.00 Fencing materials
HS19/11 Rockhampton Hardship grant $2,912.09 Fencing materials
HS19/12 Rockhampton Hardship grant $2,964.67 Fencing materials
HS19/13 Rockhampton Hardship grant $1,881.38 Fencing materials
HS19/14 Rockhampton Hardship grant $2,480.67 Fencing materials
HS19/15 Rockhampton Hardship grant $2,030.00 Fencing materials
HS19/16 Rockhampton Hardship grant $2,847.09 Fencing materials
HS19/17 Rockhampton Hardship grant $2,783.70 Fencing materials
HS19/18 Rockhampton Hardship grant $891.00 Fencing materials
HS19/19 Rockhampton Hardship grant $1,336.50 Fencing materials
HS19/20 Rockhampton Hardship grant $3,476.00 Fire pump and sumbersible pump
HS19/21 Rockhampton Hardship grant $2,837.85 Fire pump and fencing materials
HS19/22 Maryborough Hardship grant $3,212.00 Fencing materials
HS19/23 Darling Downs Hardship grant $2,293.80 Fencing materials
HS19/24 West Moreton Hardship grant $3,468.50 Fencing materials
HS19/25 West Moreton Hardship grant $3,488.50 Fencing materials
HS19/26 South Coast Hardship grant $2,826.00 Fencing materials
HS19/27 South Coast Hardship grant $2,886.00 Fencing supplies and hay
HS19/28 South Coast Hardship grant $1,538.00 Fencing supplies and hay
HS19/29 Rockhampton Hardship grant $3,250.00 Water tank
HS19/30 South Coast Hardship grant $2,904.54 Fencing supplies and hay
HS20-31 South Coast Hardship grant $3,051.50 Fencing
HS20-32 Gladstone Hardship grant $2,428.10 Generator and pump
HS20-33 South Coast Hardship grant $3,093.20 Fencing and polypipe
HS20-34 Rockhampton Hardship grant $3,004.56 Fencing and polypipe
HS20-35 Gladstone Hardship grant $2,927.90 Fencing and polypipe
HS20-36 Gladstone Hardship grant $2,763.84 Fencing and polypipe
HS20-37 Rockhampton Hardship grant $3,930.37 Fencing and irrigation supplies
HS20-38 West Moreton Hardship grant $935.00 Fencing supplies
HS20-39 Rockhampton Hardship grant $940.05 Beekeeping supplies
HS20-40 Darling Downs Hardship grant $1,650.00 Clear fire breaks, building repair
HS20-41 South Coast Hardship grant $3,669.20 Fencing supplies
HS20-42 Rockhampton Hardship grant $3,117.55 Fencing supplies
HS20-43 Caboolture Hardship grant $5,000.00 Direct family support
HS20-44 Burnett Hardship grant $2,020.00 Funeral expenses
HS20-45 Rockhampton Hardship grant $3,000.00 Water tank
BL1 Burnett East Nanango $1,602.00 Stackable chairs x8, office chairs x2, chainsaw
BL2 Cairns Kimberley $1,699.30 Chainsaw, chainsaw PPE x2, chainsaw sundries
BL3 Burnett Taromeo $1,844.30 Marquee
BL4 Darling Downs Karara $2,000.00 Computer, projector and screen
BL5 Charters Towers Ouchy $2,000.00 Grader tyres
BL6 Darling Downs Smithfield $2,000.00 Handheld UHF radios
BL7 Charters Towers Cabanda South $2,000.00 Tractor tyres
BL8 Darling Downs Sugarloaf $2,000.00 Wiring of extension, security lighting, toilet
BL10 Townsville Seymour $1,437.72 Folding tables and chairs, shelving units
BL11 Innisfail Irvinebank $1,861.84 Security cameras, screen, recording HDD and installation
BL12 Innisfail Watsonville $2,000.00 Chains and accessories, DC fridge, gazebo
BL13 Darling Downs Cambooya $1,972.95 Cordless tools
BL14 Bundaberg Bungadoo $1,598.00 Mobile repeater
BL15 Emerald / Barcaldine Buckland $650.00 Radio harnesses
BL16 Bundaberg Burnett Heads $2,000.00 Member lockers
BL17 Darling Downs Forest Pines $1,977.01 Fire hose reels and plumbing
BL18 Rockhampton Westwood $1,996.50 Kitchen
BL19 Innisfail Tumoulin $1,984.00 Chainsaw and accessories
BL21 Innisfail Murray Upper $1,999.15 Chainsaw and accessories
BL24 Caboolture Mount Kilcoy Sandy Creek $2,000.00 Power tools
BL25 Cairns Peninsula Clohesy $1,940.00 Laptop
BL26 Burnett Nogo River $2,000.00 6x hand-held UHF radios
BL27 Maryborough Aldershot $1,099.00 Fridge / freezer
BL30 Townsville Toobana $1,977.00 Mower, pole saw and brushcutter
BL33 Darling Downs Silver Spur $1,211.00 Shelving, tables, leaf blower
BL34 Roma Augathella $2,000.00 Chainsaw and blower
BL35 Roma Amby Town $2,000.00 Chainsaw and PPE
BL36 Townsville Horseshoe Bay $1,473.95 5x hand-hel UHF radios
BL38 Burnett Tablelands $1,861.00 Office and kitchen appliance
BL41 Darling Downs Massie & District $1,669.00 Fridge and microwave
BL42 Bundaberg Gaeta $1,931.35 Air compressor, iPad and case
BL43 Innisfail Bilyana $1,482.00 iPad and printer
BL46 Cairns Peninsula Kuranda Myola $2,000.00 CCTV security system
BL47 Gladstone Lowmead $2,000.00 Battery chargers
BL48 Mackay Seaforth District $2,000.00 Tools and cabinet
BL49 Caloundra Maroochy River $1,140.00 Chainsaw
BL50 Caloundra Ilkley & Districts $1,178.80 Photocopier / scanner / printer
BL51 Caloundra Eudlo $1,991.00 Infrared thermal detectors and torches
BL52 Caloundra Federal $1,575.00 Road base
BL55 Darling Downs Killarney $1,904.77 Laptop and TV
BL56 Innisfail Tinaroo $1,598.00 Backpack blower and chainsaw
BL59 Charters Towers Balfes Creek $1,798.00 Mobile phone repeaters
BL60 Maryborough Bidwill $1,998.00 Air compressor and power washer
BL61 Townsville Round Mountain $1,673.25 iPad and accessories
BL62 Caboolture Villeneuve $1,999.80 Training room chairs
BL63 Bundaberg Tirroan $1,890.22 Floor coverings and tools
BL64 Caloundra Mapleton $1,973.78 Lightbar, table and chairs
BL69 Bundaberg Gin Gin $882.00 Security screens
BL73 Mackay Grasstree $1,798.00 TV and tool trolley
BL76 Darling Downs Tolmah $1,974.00 Television
BL77 Darling Downs Southbrooke Linthorpe $2,000.00 Laptop, printer and accessories
BL78 Darling Downs Scrubby Creek $1,551.30 Backpack blower , blower and accessories
BL79 Innisfail Lower Silver Valley $2,000.00 Work benches, storage and tools
BL80 Townsville Hervey Range $1,994.00 Laptop and printer
BL81 Roma Wallumbilla $2,000.00 Assorted tools
GN19/583 Bundaberg Goodwood $1,499.00 Generator
GN19/582 Bundaberg Tirroan $4,715.90 Security system and automatic door opener
GN19/579 Innisfail Tinaroo $3,254.36 Furnish training room
CG1 Roma Yowah Opal Fields $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG2 Roma Hebel $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG3 Roma Amby Town $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG4 Bundaberg Gregory River $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG5 Roma Wallumbilla $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG6 Bundaberg Goodwood $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG7 Darling Downs Hampton $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG8 Darling Downs Bennett $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG9 Maryborough Yabba Creek $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG10 Rockhampton Maryvale $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG11 Cairns  Paddys Green $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG12 Cairns Hodzic Road $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG13 Innisfail Watsonville $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG14 Townsville Mount Fox $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG15 Townsville Stone River $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG16 Charters Towers Ravenswood $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG17 Darling Downs Karara $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG18 Cairns Little Mulgrave $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG19 Roma Mungallala $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG20 Bundaberg Gaeta $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG21 Emerald / Barcaldine Bluff Town $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG22 Emerald / Barcaldine Willows No.1269 $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG23 Gladstone Curtis Island $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG24 Emerald / Barcaldine Iona $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG25 Emerald / Barcaldine Windorah $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG26 Rockhampton Bajool $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG27 Rockhampton Archer Ulam $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG28 Townsville Bowen River $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG29 Darling Downs Kowguran $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG30 Townsville Seymour $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG31 Cairns Rossville $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG32 Emerald / Barcaldine Gemfields $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG33 Roma Eulo $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG34 Roma Thargomindah Town $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG35 Caboolture North Stradbroke Island $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG36 Darling Downs Mallow $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG37 Emerald / Barcaldine Jundah $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG38 Emerald / Barcaldine Yaraka $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG39 Emerald / Barcaldine Isisford $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG40 Emerald / Barcaldine Comet $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG41 Maryborough Eurong $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG42 Maryborough Booubyjan Boonara $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG43 Maryborough Brooweena District $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG44 Maryborough Boonimba $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG45 Emerald / Barcaldine Ilfracombe $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG46 Emerald / Barcaldine Jericho $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG47 Innisfail Croydon $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG48 Mackay Netherdale $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG49 Mackay Finch Hatton $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG50 Mackay Cliftonville $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG51 Mackay Grasstree $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG52 Mackay Mt Ossa $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG53 Mackay Cannon Valley $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG54 Cairns Poison Creek $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG55 Maryborough Brambah $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG56 Dunmore Dunmora $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG57 Charters Towers Mount Isa $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG58 Roma Charleville $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG59 Maryborough Tinnanbar $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG60 Burnett Kunioon Hodgeleigh $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG61 Mackay Gargett $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG62 Innisfail Lower Silver Valley $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG63 Rockhampton Westwood $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG65 Charters Towers Kynuna $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG66 Charters Towers McKinlay Town $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG67 Charters Towers Pentland $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG68 Charters Towers Prairie $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG69 Charters Towers Torrens Creek $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG70 Roma Coban $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG71 Darling Downs Killarney $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG72 Charters Towers Greenvale $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG73 Charters Towers Mingela $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG74 Charters Towers Charters Towers $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG75 Charters Towers Burketown $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG76 Bundaberg Perry River $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG77 Charters Towers Camooweal Town $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG78 Charters Towers Bedourie Town $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG79 Cairns Davies Creek $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG80 Toowoomba Scrubby Creek $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG81 Charters Towers Doomadgee $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG82 Charters Towers Waterfall Creek $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG83 Townsville Round Mountain $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG84 Cairns Kimberley $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG85 Bundaberg Borilla $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG86 Burnett Stuart River $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG87 Darling Downs Tolmah $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
CG88 Rockhampton Innot Hot Springs $836.57 Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
GN19/578 Burnett Kunioon Hodgeleigh $10,000.00 Cement slab for shed.
GN19/577 Gladstone Glenhaughton $1,468.95 Hand-held radio and fridge.
GN19/575 Bundaberg Bungadoo $2,190.00 5,000 gallon tank and fittings.
GN19/574 Innisfail Tumoulin $10,000.00 Plumbing works
GN19/573 Burnett Brooklands $500.00 Support family and brigade in funeral arrangements.
GN19/572 Darling Downs Eastern Downs Group $1,252.80 CEL-FI Go Mobile Pack.
GN19/571 Townsville Northern Regional Support Operational Group $19,194.50 Portable 6,000 litre potable water tank and supply pump to support its field kitchen and amenity containers
GN19/570 Emerald Iona $760.00 Marquee.
GN19/569 Cairns Springmount $1,900.00 2x backpack blower
GN19/568 Burnett Taromeo $3,850.00 Shipping container
GN18/567 Townsville Rangewood $15,317.50 Large generator.
GN18/566 West Moreton $1,650.00 Care for volunteer with cancer.
GN18/564 Townsville Bluewater Rural $10,000.00 Concrete slab for fire station.
GN18/563 West Moreton Toogoolawah $5,671.60 Replacement of volunteer's fencing lost it to fire.
GN18/562 Maryborough Woolooga $3,945.24 Replacement of volunteer's irrigation and stock water pipework lost to fire.
GN18/560 Caloundra Boreen Point $2,500.00 Support volunteer with cancer.
GN18/559 Bundaberg Perry River $3,500.00 Retaining wall and drainage.
GN18/558 Townsville Round Mountain $10,000.00 Cement slab for shed.
GN18/556 Bundaberg Gaeta $1,481.04 Safety signage etc.
GN18/555 Toowoomba Grantham $1,254.00 Care for volunteer with cancer.
GN18/554 Cairns Lake Eacham $1,500.00 Bushy Magnets.
GN18/552 Burnett South Nanango $500.00 Money to brigade for wake.
GN18/551 Cairns Little Mulgrave $8,450.00 Security fencing.
GN17/550 Innisfail Pin Gin Hill $4,202.00 Stainless steel water tank.
GN17/549 Innisfail Gilberton $6,860.13 Slip-on unit with speed loader and foam pro-portioner.
GN17/547 Maryborough Boonimba $6,860.13 Slip-on unit with speed loader and foam pro-portioner.
GN17/546 Roma Donnybrook $6,860.13 Slip-on unit with speed loader and foam pro-portioner.
GN17/545 Charters Towers Duchess $6,860.13 Slip-on unit with speed loader and foam pro-portioner.
GN17/544 Emerald Meteor Creek $6,860.13 Slip-on unit with speed loader and foam pro-portioner.
GN17/543 Roma Mount Howe $6,860.13 Slip-on unit with speed loader and foam pro-portioner.
GN17/542 Roma Nindigully $6,860.13 Slip-on unit with speed loader and foam pro-portioner.
GN17/541 Cairns Springmount $6,860.13 Slip-on unit with speed loader and foam pro-portioner.
GN17/540 Mackay Cotherstone $6,860.13 Slip-on unit with speed loader and foam pro-portioner.
GN17/539 Mackay Junee $6,860.13 Slip-on unit with speed loader and foam pro-portioner.
GN17/538 Emerald Ibis $6,860.13 Slip-on unit with speed loader and foam pro-portioner.
GN17/537 Emerald Neleh $6,860.13 Slip-on unit with speed loader and foam pro-portioner.
GN17/536 Emerald West Springsure $6,860.13 Slip-on unit with speed loader and foam pro-portioner.
GN17/535 Charters Towers Debella $6,860.13 Slip-on unit with speed loader and foam pro-portioner.
GN17/533 Roma Wallumbilla $10,000.00 Floor coverings for fit outs to new shed.
GN17/532 Bundaberg Birthamba $2,800.00 Refrigerator for 81 support vehicle, chainsaw and safety equipment.
GN17/531 Caboolture Stoney Creek $500.00 Support brigade towards the late First Officer's funeral expenses.
GN17/530 Innisfail Irvinebank $2,189.00 New laptop computer, software and bag.
RFBAQ/RFSQ Partnership Cairns Wrights Creek $14,822.50 Prototype firefighting 3,500 kg trailer with 2,000 litre water tank, galvanised, 14" tyres, electric breaks with breakaway, LED lights and hand braker.
GN17/529 Townsville Seymour $10,000.00 Assist with construction of new fire station.
GN17/528 Barcaldine Fairview $4,726.00 Concrete footings for repeater tower.
GN17/527 Caboolture Lamb Island $3,300.00 2 x Roler Doors.
GN17/526 Cairns Peninsula Almaden $4,180.00 Shipping container for storage of brigade equipment.
GN17/525 Mackay Cotherstone $989.00 Stihl Chainsaw and case.
GN17/523 Rockhampton Alton Downs $9,900.00 2 x 10,200 gallon rain water tanks.
PPB1 Mackay Cotherstone $845.77 1x UHF trasceiver, antenna and cables
PPB2 Gladstone Valentine Plains $1,000.00 2 x Uniden handheld UHF tradues twin packs
PPB3 Cairns Peninsula Fassio Road $999.00 1x SR450 blower
PPB4 Cairns Peninsula Springmount District $1,000.00 1x chainsaw
PPB5 Cairns Peninsula Musgrave $999.00 1x Mister SR450 petrol a blower
PPB6 Barcaldine Cattle Creek $1,000.00 2 x UHF handheld radios and 2 x antenna dipole lead
PPB7 Barcaldine Potosi $624.00 Fence pliers, toolboxes, fuel cans, torch hardcases LED, head lamps, cooler jugs and 3 x UHF shoulder harnesses
PPB8 Barcaldine Grant $979.20 Fence pliers, fuel cans, torches, water coolers and head lamps
PPB9 Barcaldine Valleta $873.15 Equipment and fittings to build a trailer mounted firefighting unit
PPB10 Barcaldine Dunraven $1,000.00 1x UHF radio plug n play for John Deer Tractor and 4 x edge cutters
PPB11 Gladstone Orange Creek $1,000.00 1x portable radio with antenna, battery, pocket charger charter and case
PPB12 Burnett Abercorn $995.00 1x chainsaw
PPB13 Barcaldine Champion $917.90 2 x UHF handheld radios and 2 x UHF travel pack
PPB14 Emerald Buckland $726.00 1x water container, 3 x torches, 3 x fencing pliers and 3 x radio battery charges
PPB15 Emerald Bauhinia $824.95 1x Stihl chainsaw
PPB16 Barcaldine Greendale $919.80 4 x waterproof UHF handheld radios
PPB17 Barcaldine Pelican Creek $917.90 2 x Waterproof UHF handheld radios and 2 x travel packs
PPB19 Emerald Moodewarra $969.00 1x Stihl chainsaw
PPB20 Emerald Omega $969.00 1x Stihl chainsaw
PPB21 Emerald Oombabeer $1,000.00 6 x LED torches, 2 x water container and 6 x URHS shoulder harness
PPB22 Emerald Mount Macarthur $999.00 1x back pack blower
PPB23 Rockhampton Jardine $1,000.00 Trailer maintenance
PPB24 Rockhampton Dalma $1,000.00 Gutter replacement for your brigade building
PPB25 Emerald Theresa Creek $969.00 1x Stihl chainsaw
PPB26 Charters Towers Mount Cooper $1,000.00 7 x grader cutting edges
PPB27 Cloncurry Ouchy $1,000.00 Grader blades
PPB28 Roma Augathella $899.00 1 x Stihl BR700 backpack blower
PPB29 Roma Eumamurrin $999.00 1x Stihl BR700 backpack blower
PPB30 Gladstone Facing Island $998.00 1 x MS211 Chastihl chainsaw and 1 x Blostihl blower
PPB31 Gladstone Glenhaughton $1,000.00 2 x UHF handheld radios with case
PPB32 Emerald Claude River $972.38 6 x LED torches and 2 x Primus 36 litre water coolers
PPB33 Maryborough Boonimba $1,000.00 1x VHF handheld radio and kit
PPB34 Roma Nindigully $797.50 1x Honda pump and 2 x UHF handheld radios
PPB35 Townsville Osborne $998.00 2 x UHF handheld radios
PPB36 Roma Mount Howe $978.00 2 x UHF handleld radios
PPB37 Charters Towers Bafles Creek $1,000.00 3 x chainsaw, Husqvarna carry case and filing kit
PPB38 Charters Towers Barabon $1,000.00 10 x Grader blades
PPB39 Charters Towers Clio $1,000.00 Cutting edges and bits
PPB40 Charters Towers Bundoran $1,000.00 6 x grader cutting edges
PPB41 Cloncurry McKinlay No 1 $1,000.00 1x defribrillator
PPB42 Gladstone Banana No 3 $999.00 1x Stihl MS231 chainsaw, case and file kit
PPB43 Cairns Peninsula Saltwater Creek $1,000.00 Equipment to rehabilitate your fire trailer
PPB44 Cairns Peninsula Wrights Creek $1,000.00 Sitrex 5 wheel spinner rakes
PPB45 Cairns Peninsula Killaloe $998.00 1x chainsaw and pro protective chaps
PPB46 Roma Bindle $885.55 2 x chainsaws and 2 x safety helmets
PPB47 Cairns Peninsula Karma Waters $850.61 4 x cutting edges
PPB48 Cairns Peninsula Pine Creek $1,000.00 1x second hand trailer to be modified for firefighting
PPB49 Cairns Peninsula Paddy's Green $949.00 1x BR700 blower
PPB50 Morinish Morinish $1,000.00 1x 1,750Gal water tank
PPB51 Gladstone Banana No 2 $957.50 1x Husqvarna chainsaw and knapsack
PPB52 Roma Mangarella $798.00 2 x UHF handheld radios
PPB53 Innisfail Pin Gin Hill $927.60 2 x helmet kits, 2 x chaps and 2 x special work gloves
PPB54 Roma Bymount  $985.00 1x blower
PPB55 Barcaldine East Darr $999.00 1x Stihl BR700 blower
PPB56 Barcaldine Neleh $969.00 1x Stihl chainsaw
PPB57 Toowoomba Oman Ama $1,000.00 1x portable toilet
PPB58 Mackay Junee $969.00 2 x UHF handheld radios and 2 x pair chaps
PPB59 Emerald Meteor Creek $969.00 1x Stihl chainsaw
PPB60 Mackay Roper Creek $969.00 2 x  chainsaw chaps and 2 x UHF handheld radios
PPB61 Toowoomba Hookswood $1,000.00 1x Honda pump and accessories
PPB62 Toowoomba Upper Pilton $1,000.00 4 x UHF radios twin pack
PPB63 Toowoomba Mount Myrtle $1,000.00 1x storage cabinet
GN17/522 Barcaldine Ilfracombe $5,280.00 20ft grade 1 shipping container for storage of brigade equipment.
PPB64 Burnett Glenleigh $998.90 1x chainsaw, spare chain, fuel container and hearing protection
PPB65 Burnett Auburn/Beeron $1,000.00 5 x UHF hand held radios
PPB66 Burnett Kragra Monogorilby  $1,000.00 CPR and First Aid training
PPB67 Toowoomba Upper Yarraman $1,000.00 1x retractable hose reel and hose
GN17/521 Burnett Glencoe $2,982.63 Satellite phone to provide means of communication.
GN16/520 West Moreton Fernvale $6,871.70 To assist with shed extension to house PPE room, P2 and BA wash area.
GN16/519 Bundaberg Gaeta $6,585.00 Purchase and installation of rainwater tanks.
GN16/518 Townsville Mount Fox $8,100.00 Design, drainage and installation of septic tank.
RFBAQ/REXEL Multiple  x 103 Brigades $25,412.37 RFBAQ/Rexel Safety Equipment Grant
-    Robus 10W Rechargeable LED Flood Light (RLEDF10WRCAU-CW)
-    Energizer Intrinsically Safe torch (MS2AALED1)
-    HPM 5 outlet power board (D105/5TRPA)
-    Energizer Alkaline Industrial AA batteries (EN91)
GN16/516 Bundaberg Perry River $2,692.05 Various firefighting equipment.
GN16/515 Innisfail Millstream South $2,086.75 Improve communications with a mobile repeater and crews hydrated with water in a fridge on our truck.
GN16/514 Toowoomba Weranga $9,057.13 Fallen firefighter support programme for the late Trevor Vallance.
GN16/513 Roma Orange Hill $4,462.14 Fencing around new fire station.
GN15 Toowoomba Dalveen $750.00 Computer
GN15/512 Rockhampton Gogango $500.00 Fallen firefighter support programme.
GN15/510 Caboolture $3,000.00 Fallen firefighter support programme for volunteer who died of cancer.
GN15/509 Bundaberg Bingera Weir $2,651.00 Purchase of powered reel for medium attack appliance.
GN15/506 Cairns Killaloe $3,645.00 Trailer for mop up unit.
GN15/505 South Coast Allandale $10,000.00 Construction of new fire station.
GN15/504 Bundaberg Tirroan $7,323.98 Internal fit out of new fire station
GN15/502 Roma Eromanga $3,200.00 Shade shelter for 2 slip on units.
GN15/501 Emerald Duaringa $10,000.00 Construction of new fire station.
GN/15 Toowoomba Lower Widgee/Nebine $25,000.00 4 x Slip on units and speedloaders to Rural Fire Brigades on the NSW/QLD boarder.
Roma Culgoa
Miles North Moonie
Weir River
GN15/498 Ipswich Mutdapilly $17,976.00 2 large electric motor station doors.
GN15/496 Ipswich Prenzlau $5,000.00 Station extension.
GN15/495 Barcaldine Jericho $9,995.06 Construction of a RFB/SES training communications room.
GN15/494 Charters Towers Prairie Town $10,000.00 Construction of new fire station.
GN15/492 Maryborough River Heads Kingfisher $1,712.00 Purchase 2 televisions, laptop computer and software for training of fire fighters.
GN15/491 Toowoomba Cooyar Town RFB and Cooyar & District RFB $15,000.00 Construction of new fire station
GN15/490 Cairns Mount Carbine Maryfarms $2,606.44 Purchase necessary brigade equipment.
GN15/489 Cairns Springmount $500.00 Volunteer support.
GN15/ x 28 Brigades $4,899.95 x 28 Portable pumps
GN14/ Toowoomba Kowguran $25,000.00 Light Attack appliance and QuikCorp Fire Engineering slip on unit.
GN14/486 Rockhampton Calliope $4,916.90 Assist with firefighting appliance fit out
GN14/485 Ipswich Gatton Springdale $6,113.00 Storage shed for operational and non-operational equipment.
GN14/483 Maryborough Brooweena $3,943.50 12,000 litre collar dam.
GN14/482 Roma Wallumbilla $2,970.30 Chainsaw and accessories.
GN14/481 Caloundra Eudlo $10,000.00 Fire station extentions and renovations.
GN14/480 Cairns Mount Molloy $2,750.00 To complete station facilities.
GN14/479 Townsville Bluewater $8,283.00 High pressure fire attack system.
GN14/478 Caboolture Stradbroke Island $500.00 Towards establishing a Rural Fire Brigade.
GN14/477 Ipswich The Gold Coast Firefighters Ball $5,000.00 Supporting a Queensland Firefighter in need and Make-A-Wish.
GN14/476 Maryborough Harvey Bay RFB Group $742.45 VHF Radio.
GN14/475 Maryborough Mount Kanigan Group $3,651.90 12,000 litre collar dam.
GN14/474 Rockhampton Mount Larcom $10,000.00 Construction of new fire station.
GN14/473 Ipswich Tarome $10,000.00 Construction of new fire station.
GN14/472 Maryborough Gigoomgan $3,651.90 Two slip on speed loaders.
GN14/471 Caboolture Mount Mee $5,000.00 Station upgrade.
GN14/470 RFSQ $1,000.00 Voluntary contribution to support the Volunteer Summit and the volunteers that are attending.
GN14/469 Townsville Scott $10,000.00 Construction of new fire station.
GN14/468 Innisfail Stony Batter $334.40 Fallen firefighter support programme.
GN14/466 Ipswich Canungra $10,000.00 Construction of new fire station, security fencing and fit out of office.
GN14/465 Caloundra Booie Rise $4,981.50 Extension to station for training and meeting room
GN14/464 Innisfail Battle Creek $3,000.00 Site preparation for new fire station.
GN14/463 Toowoomba Captains Mountain $375.35 Red rotating beacon & trailer unit fitting.
GN14/462 Maryborough Woolooga $10,000.00 New three bay fire station.
GN14/461 Cairns Mutchilba $12,000.00 New fire station.
GN14/460 Townsville Laidley Group $500.00 Fallen firefighter support programme.
GN14/459 Townsville Bambaroo $10,000.00 Help with the cost of building a new fire station.
GN14/458 Rockhampton Woodbury $10,000.00 Construction of new fire station.
GN13/457 Ipswich Flinders Peak $4,950.00 Removable pod for aluminum canopy.
GN13/456 Rockhampton Adelaide Park $10,000.00 Bitumen driveway, car park & exercise area of brigade’s new fire shed.
GN13/455 Caloundra Kenilworth $2,800.00 Air conditioning unit for brigade's training room.
GN13/454 Emerald Bauhinia $6,722.75 Mop up units & speed loader.
GN13/453 Roma Stirling $693.00 Honda volume pump.
GN13/452 Caloundra Obi Obi $10,000.00 Help with the cost of building a new fire station.
GN13/451 Ipswich Coomera Valley $500.00 Support towards participating in the 2014 World Fire Fighter Games in Los Angeles.
GN13/450 Maryborough Gunalda $1,268.00 Two Fridges.
GN13/449 Rockhampton Alton Downs $3,454.00 Electric Hose Reel.
GN13/448 Rockhampton Turkey Beach $3,982.00 Electric Hose Reel.
GN13/446 Caloundra Beerwah & District $1,410.00 UnityWater re-connection Fee.
GN13/445 Mackay Conway $11,000.00 Help with the cost of building a new fire station.
GN13/443 Caboolture Clear Mountain $3,839.00 Electric Hose Reel.
GN13/442 Toowoomba Bennett RFB $300.00 Security system.
GN13/440 Barcaldine Blackwater $1,930.45 Slip On Unit.
GN13/439 South Coast Mount Mort RFB $5,409.00 Fit out of new fire station.
GN13/437 Bundaberg Burnett Heads $274.00 Security Grilles.
GN13/436 Barcaldine Stone Henge, Neleh, Lake Dunn & Gemfields 4 x RFBAQ Laptop Computers.
GN13/435 Roma Landor $2,870.00 Quick Response Firefighting Skid Unit.
GN12/432 Ipswich Fordsdale $4,280.60 RFBAQ slip on unit.
GN12/431 Barcaldine Ilfracombe $2,383.00 Speed Loader and Skid Base.
GN12/430 Barcaldine Windeyer $1,503.01 Speed Loader.
GN12/429 Barcaldine Grant $1,503.01 Speed Loader.
GN12/426 Bundaberg North Dallarnil $3,191.00 Toilet and Septic System.
GN12/427 Roma Abbieglassie $112.04 Satellite phone.
GN12/425 Innisfail Tumoulin $9,797.58 Supply of Dodge Ram and repairs.
GN12/423 Roma Bungeworgorai $2,870.00 RFBAQ Quick Spray Unit.
GN12/422 Bundaberg Wallaville $2,000.00 Pre-engineered galvanized steel frame and awning.
GN12/421 Bundaberg Glenleigh $823.31 Water storage tank.
GN12/420 Roma Moble Creek $1,521.44 Various firefighting equipment.
GN12/417 Caloundra Taromeo $5,000.00 Station extension.
GN12/416 Toowoomba Gladfield Maryvale $3,362.56 All weather access for tanker and air conditioning unit.
GN12/414 Cairns Peninsula Mt Carbine-Mary Farms $1,210.58 Water tank for their new fire brigade shed.
GN12/413 Emerald Theresa Creek $2,968.00 Mop-up unit, speed loader & freight.
GN12/412 Rockhampton Mount Alma $4,285.75 Reimbursement of loan and other funds for maintenance/ running costs and slip on unit purchased by brigade.
GN12/410 Caloundra Belli Park $3,256.00 Air-conditioning unit for training room.
GN12/409 Rockhampton Lawgi Dawes $4,960.00 Slip on unit and tank.
GN12/408 Caloundra Maidenwell $408.00 Safety equipment.
GN12/407 Mackay Cotherstone $858.00 UHF radio and speaker microphone.
GN12/406 Caloundra Nanango $10,407.50 Fallen firefighter support programme.
GN12/405 Townsville Bluewater $4,620.00 Verandah Construction.
GN12/404 Townsville Bambaroo $1,315.00 Airfare, accommodation and taxi for volunteer family to join to attend AFSM Medal Presentation.
GN12/403 Innisfail Georgetown $20,000.00 Fire fighting appliance.
GN12/402 Innisfail Millstream South $18,000.00 Fire fighting appliance.
GN12/401 Caloundra North Maroochy Group $4,070.00 Purchase a 91 Command Vehicle.
GN12/400 Roma Culgoa $3,369.31 Slip on unit.
GN11/397 Bundaberg Coonarr $4,071.21 Furniture for meeting room, projector, security locks, steel.
GN11/396 Townsville Rangewood $11,000.00 Medium attack vehicle.
GN11/395 Barcaldine Saltern Creek $3,101.00 Skid frame for slip on unit.
GN11/394 Cairns Peninsula Poison Creek $7,500.00 Plumbing & electricity costs for brigade shed.
GN11/393 Rockhampton Stockyard Point $13,223.00 Fire fighting ring main for township.
GN11/392 Caboolture Caboolture Group $8,000.00 To build a shed to house the Caboolture Group Incident Response Unit (IRU) Trailer.
GN11/390 Cairns Peninsula Bloomfield $862.40 Ralph Fuller accommodation.
GN11/389 Toowoomba Yandilla $1,100.00 Purchase of a second hand trailer from Wolvi Rural Fire Brigade.
GN11/388 Mackay Dalrymple Heights $5,220.00 Install 2 water tanks - town has no water supply.
GN11/387 Cairns Bloomfield $198.00 Payment of Accommodation for Ralph Fuller.
GN11/385 Townsville Black River $10,000.00 Building a shed.
GN11/384 Roma Wallumbilla $236.50 Purchase 2 x Garmin GPS units, 4x blackout f/d fire fighting nozzles.
GN11/383 Roma Thurulgoona $944.27 Purchase communication equipment.
GN11/382 Bundaberg Perry River $6,263.00 Purchase of 2 x Water Tanks 24400 litres, fridge, laptop & printer.
GN11/381 Ipswich Tarome $15,000.00 Purchase of Medium Attack vehicle as approved by Area Office.
GN11/379 Innisfail Kaban $272.25 Slip on unit & various fire fighting equipment.
GN11/378 Caboolture Caboolture Group $10,000.00 To build a Mobile Incident Control Centre on trailer-radios, phn, i/net etc.
GN11/376 Innisfail Cowley Beach $2,517.00 Additional equipment due to expansion.
GN10/370 Caloundra Taromeo $655.00 Fallen firefighter support programme.
GN10/369 Barcaldine Ilfracombe $799.00 Replace fridge that was lost in home fire of Mat & Toni Young.
GN10/368 Rockhampton Bondoola $2,887.50 Electric hose reel.
GN10/365 Townsville Stone River $5,000.00 Second hand fire appliance from Rolling Stone RFB.
GN10/364 Maryborough Elliot Musket Flat $4,450.00 Station extension.
GN10/362 Bundaberg Robert & Barbara Hartwig $2,847.00 Replace some home items after fire damaged their home.
GN10/361 Barcaldine Claude River $3,639.59 Slip on unit.
GN10/360 Caloundra Taromeo $9,069.35 Fallen firefighter support programme.
- Caloundra Various Group $2,300.00 Chainsaw.
GN10/357 Townsville Toolakea $1,330.00 Computer, printer & software.
GN10/356 Cairns Clohesy Group $700.91 Data projector.
GN10/355 Roma Eumamurrin $243.70 Slip on unit & various fire fighting equipment.
GN10/353 Roma Noogilla $487.40 Slip on unit & various fire fighting equipment.
GN10/350 Bundaberg Booyal $5,000.00 Construction of fire station.
GN10/349 Barcaldine Gemfields $5,000.00 Assist with the completion of their fire station and training facilities.
GN10/348 Barcaldine Saltern Creek, Zamia, Wakefiled, Neleh & Grant $1,619.70 Reconditioned slip on unit donated by Wamuran RFB & Bribie Island Auxiliary Station.
GN10/347 Toowoomba Maclagan $9,999.37 Construction of fire station.
GN10/346 Emerald Mackenzie River $1,220.20 Update various fire fighting equipment.
GN10/345 Bundaberg Gaeta $4,262.00 Upgrade various fire fighting equipment.
GN10/342 Toowoomba Clifton $5,500.00 Toilet, shower, kitchen facilities and meeting/training room.
GN10/341 Ipswich Central Lockyer $1,500.00 Replace Brigade's computer.
GN10/339 Innisfail Cowley Beach $3,760.00 Poly tanks.
GN10/338 Cairns Bloomfield River $20,000.00 Fire truck.
GN10/337 Caloundra Sandy Ridges $10,000.00 New fire shed.
GN10/336 Townsville Saunders Beach $20,000.00 Fire truck.
GN10/335 Bundaberg Bullyard $2,420.00 Trailer.
GN10/334 Bundaberg Glenleigh $6,220.84 Box trailer.
GN10/333 Maryborough Poona (Sandy Straits) $9,077.04 Fire station improvements.
GN10/332 Maryborough Veteran $3,250.00 Air conditioning for training room.
GN10/330 Caboolture Stoney Creek $1,713.38 Laptop & printer.
GN10/328 Rockhampton Ogmore $3,840.41 Water tanks.
GN10/327 Cairns Cooktown State School $4,309.10 PPE clothing.
GN10/326 Emerald Duckworth $1,304.16 Replace various fire fighting equipment.
GN10/325 Miles Wieambilla $3,793.72 Slip on unit & 2 speed loaders.
GN10/324 Maryborough Eurong $2,487.00 Battery & inverter room, 2 roller doors.
GN10/323 Toowoomba East Moonie River $1,675.30 Slip on unit & various fire fighting equipment.
GN09/322 Bundaberg Cynthia Jones $4,174.50 Improving UHF communications in the Eidsvold area.
GN09/321 Bundaberg Telemark $5,967.49 Improving UHF communications in the Eidsvold area.
GN09/320 Maryborough Hervey Bay $6,270.60 Collar dam & radio.
GN09/319 Miles Cowangah $2,090.45 Speed loader, 2 mop up units & fire fighting equipment.
GN09/318 Maryborough Kybong $3,575.00 Self guiding hose reel.
GN09/317 Maryborough Cloyna District $10,000.00 New fire shed.
GN09/315 Toowoomba Eukey $2,300.00 Electrical work to brigade shed.
GN09/314 Toowoomba Glen Aplin $7,562.10 Rain water tank and shed equipment.
GN09/313 Toowoomba Cooyar District $4,800.00 Tank and volume pump.
GN09/312 Maryborough Barambah $1,210.70 Slip on unit.
GN09/311 Barcaldine Ilfracombe $428.90 Various fire fighting equipment.
GN09/309 Caloundra Maroochy River $2,350.00 Reverse cycle air conditioner.
GN09/308 Bundaberg Abercorn $5,663.89 Various fire fighting equipment.
GN09/306 Mackay Seaforth District $10,392.00 Medium fire fighting appliance.
GN09/305 Maryborough Kilkivan $10,000.00 Medium fire fighting appliance.
GN09/304 Roma Baroona $2,053.40 2 Mop up units, 2 speed loaders & various fire fighting equipment.
GN09/303 Roma Bollon $1,210.70 Mop up unit & speed loader.
GN09/302 Roma Hebel $1,248.14 Volume pump, hose & fire blanket.
GN09/301 Innisfail Lake Eacham $2,900.00 Water tank & pump for new brigade shed.
GN09/300 Innisfail Lower Silver Valley $7,316.00 Construction of new brigade shed.
GN09/298 Roma Mangalore $3,456.10 2 Mop up units, 2 speed loaders & various fire fighting equipment.
GN09/297 Bundaberg Gaeta $1,144.26 Office equipment and upgrade communications.
GN09/296 Emerald Wuthung $1,210.70 Mop up unit, speed loader & foaming agent drums.
GN09/295 Caloundra Tinbeerwah $1,639.00 Ten pagers.
GN09/293 Barcaldine Warnambool $1,264.40 Mop up unit, speed loader & other equipment.
GN09/292 Barcaldine Alice $1,257.20 Mop up unit, speed loader & other equipment.
GN09/291 Caloundra Black Mountain $9,152.00 Fence off new fire station.
GN09/290 Roma Myendetta $3,456.09 Slip on unit & various fire fighting equipment.
GN08/289 Maryborough Wheatlands (Mondure District) $13,683.07 Light fire fighting appliance.
GN08/287 Roma Thurulgoonia $3,241.10 2 Mop up units, 2 speed loaders & various fire fighting equipment.
GN08/286 Roma South Morven $3,241.10 2 Mop up units, 2 speed loaders & various fire fighting equipment.
GN08/285 Innisfail Tarzali $7,500.00 Medium fire fighting appliance.
GN08/284 Ipswich Lower Mount Walker $9,615.00 Construction of new brigade shed.
GN08/283 Bundaberg Nogo River $1,530.80 2 Mop up units, speed loaders & various fire fighting equipment.
GN08/282 Cairns Esk Valley $3,269.10 2 Mop up units, 2 speed loaders & various fire fighting equipment.
GN08/281 Emerald Wolfgang $1,887.20 2 Mop up units.
GN08/280 Maryborough Kilkivan $908.00 Chainsaw & safety equipment.
GN08/279 Roma Coban $3,241.10 2 Mop up units, 2 speed loaders & various fire fighting equipment.
GN08/278 Roma North Morven $3,241.10 2 Mop up units, 2 speed loaders & various fire fighting equipment.
GN08/277 Roma Mangarella $3,241.10 2 Mop up units, 2 speed loaders & various fire fighting equipment.
GN08/276 Miles Wallumbila $3,241.10 2 Mop up units, 2 speed loaders & various fire fighting equipment.
GN08/275 Rockhampton Stanwell $7,500.00 Medium fire fighting appliance.
GN08/273 Bundaberg Tirroan $10,000.00 Light attack vehicle.
GN08/272 Bundaberg Wallaville $5,000.00 Fire station to lock up stage.
GN08/271 Ipswich Mount Campbell $3,626.11 Various pieces of equipment for new fire station.
GN08/270 Emerald Gordonstone $2,210.70 Mop up unit & speed loader.
GN08/269 Barcadine Fairview $2,154.30 2 Mop up units & speed loader.
GN08/266 Roma Mount Saltbush $3,224.40 2 Mop up units, 2 speed loaders & fire fighting equipment.
GN08/265 Roma River Road West $3,241.10 2 Mop up units, 2 speed loaders & fire fighting equipment.
GN08/264 Roma Pankina $3,241.10 2 Mop up units, 2 speed loaders & fire fighting equipment.
GN08/263 Miles Bimbadeen $2,669.70 2 Mop up units & fire fighting equipment.
GN08/262 Maryborough Little Tinana $3,507.00 Supply and installation of electric roller door to new shed extension.
GN08/261 Roma Borah $4,496.40 2 Mop up units, 4 speed loaders & fire fighting equipment.
GN08/260 Roma Orange Hill $539.35 Speed loader & 3 x collapsible knapsacks.
GN08/259 Roma Donnybrook $5,362.15 3 Mop up units, 6 speed loaders & fire fighting equipment.
GN08/258 Emerald Wooroona $3,900.30 2 Mop up units, 2 speed loaders & fire fighting equipment.
GN08/257 Cairns Daintree $1,450.00 Supply & install roller door for fire station.
GN08/256 Emerald Lowestoff $1,939.50 Fire fighting equipment.
GN08/255 Barcaldine Malboona $2,421.40 2 Mop up units & stand.
GN08/254 Caloundra Maidenwell $4,285.00 Equipment storage & 2,000 gallon water tank.
GN08/253 Toowoomba Bracker Creek $2,018.50 Supply & install electricity at fire station.
GN08/250 Roma Ivanhoe $3,319.70 2 Mop up units, 3 speed loaders and fire fighting equipment.
GN08/249 Roma Yarara $2,982.60 2 Mop up units, 2 speed loaders and fire fighting equipment.
GN08/248 Roma Beilba $3,334.10 2 Mop up units, 2 speed loaders and fire fighting equipment.
GN08/247 Roma Abbie Glassie $2,609.91 2 Mop up units, 2 speed loaders and fire fighting equipment.
GN08/246 Bundaberg Bailey/ Hurdle Gully $5,350.00 Storage facility for brigade equipment.
GN08/245 Innisfail Cowley Beach $321.00 Mop up unit.
GN08/244 Miles Kinnoul $2,609.89 2 Mop up units, 2 speed loaders & foam.
GN08/242 Emerald Duaringa Town $7,500.00 Light attack vehicle.
GN08/240 Townsville Groper Creek $1,743.96 Fire fighting equipment.
GN08/238 Townsville Lime Hills Elliot $8,500.00 Medium response appliance.
GN08/235 Roma Whyenbah $3,383.80 2 Mop up units, 2 speed loaders & various fire fighting equipment.
GN08/231 Ipswich Gatton RFB Group $11,443.74 Items to complete vehicle.
GN08/228 Ipswich Prenzlau $9,690.81 Construction of new fire station.
GN08/227 Maryborough Cloyna $1,997.20 Mop up unit, speed loader & fire fighting pump.
GN08/226 Maryborough Tablelands $1,997.20 Mop up unit, speed loader & volume pump.
GN08/223 Cloncurry Lawn Hill $7,540.28 Linked repeater system.
GN08/222 Cloncurry Camooweal Country $7,540.28 Linked repeater system.
GN08/220 Caloundra Belli Park $691.36 Financial hardship of volunteer.
GN08/218 Bundaberg Gregory River $7,500.00 Plumbing for new fire station.
GN08/217 Bundaberg Wallaville $760.00 Laptop computer, GPS unit & Kestrel wind meter.
GN08/214 Bundaberg Gin Gin $8,500.00 Light attack fire fighting appliance.
GN08/213 Bundaberg Branyan $6,501.15 Medium fire fighting appliance.
GN08/211 Toowoomba Riverton $2,421.40 2 Mop up units & 2 speed loaders.
GN07/206 Toowoomba Volunteer Fire Fighter $2,750.00 Assistance as a result of a house fire.
GN07/205 Roma Wyandra #1 $1,887.20 Two mop up units.
GN07/200 Townsville Mount Fox $2,796.40 Various fire fighting equipment.
GN07/191 Maryborough Coverty $5,075.00 Improve fire station security.
GN07/189 Caboolture Mount Kilcoy Sandy Creek $4,764.42 Completion of work around fire station.
GN07/185 Toowoomba Massie & District $11,688.40 Concrete floor & electrical work to fire station.
GN07/184 Toowoomba Limevale $459.70 Two speed loaders.
GN07/183 Maryborough Ballogie $3,000.00 Photocopier & Printer.
GN07/181 Charters Towers Waterfall Creek $7,500.00 Medium Isuzu vehicle.
GN07/180 Bundaberg Avondale $5,500.00 Medium attack vehicle.
GN07/179 Bundaberg Boolboonda $7,460.00 Medium attack vehicle.
GN07/177 Roma Ashmount $1,010.85 Mop up unit & speed loader.
GN07/175 Caboolture Narangba $4,515.70 Fit out new brigade appliance.
GN07/174 Rockhampton Stockyard Point $2,256.00 Solar power supply to shed.
GN06/170 Toowoomba Scrubby Creek $851.74 Installation of security system.
GN06/168 Ipswich Mount Campbell $4,500.00 Second hand light attack appliance.
GN06/167 Toowoomba West Pittsworth $2,663.00 Transportable shade shed.
GN06/166 Maryborough Poona $1,240.15 Protek nozzels & hand held radios.
GN06/165 Cairns Laura $870.00 Replace tyres.
GN06/164 Charters Towers Mingela $7,000.00 Medium attack appliance.
GN06/163 Mackay Mount Marlow $1,026.90 Firefighting equipment.
GN06/162 Townsville Crystal Creek $6,600.00 Light attack vehicle.
GN06/158 Caboolture Obi Obi $2,535.50 Ezy wind hose reel.
GN06/157 Caboolture Ten Miles $2,021.70 Slip on unit & 2 speed loaders.
GN06/151 Caboolture Ocean View $14,711.00 Medium attack vehicle.
GN06/149 Caboolture Stoney Creek $3,269.75 Ezy wind hose reel and foam.
GN06/140 Bundaberg Cannindah $1,015.33 Fire ground communication equipment.
GN06/139 Maryborough Wheatlands $1,500.00 Mop up unit, speed loader & fire fighting equipment.
GN06/137 Rockhampton Belmont $7,500.00 Light attack vehicle.
GN06/136 Mackay Sarina Range $2,268.00 Chainsaw & 4 UHF radios.
GN06/135 Bundaberg Winfield $1,864.33 Mop up unit, speed loader & base station.
GN06/134 Cairns Rossville $6,500.00 Light attack vehicle.
GN06/133 Caloundra Riverlands $2,000.00 Training courses.
GN06/132 Mackay Calen-Camerons Pocket $3,812.00 Pay remaining owed on fire fighting truck.
GN06/128 Toowoomba Forest Pines $7,950.00 Medium attack vehicle & radio.
GN06/127 Toowoomba Kavara-Leyburn $875.51 Pump and hose fittings.
GN06/126 Toowoomba The Ridge $6,000.00 Medium attack appliance.
GN06/125 Toowoomba Halliford $6,200.00 Purchase fire fighting appliance.
GN06/123 Toowoomba Anduramba $3,262.99 Communications & fire fighting equipment.
GN06/122 Toowoomba Forest Pines $1,744.28 Mop up unit & speed loader.
GN06/120 Toowoomba The Glen $2,100.00 Light attack appliance.
GN06/119 Toowoomba Dumaresq Valley $2,436.25 Fire fighting equipment.
GN06/118 Toowoomba Thorndale-Glen Aplin $7,500.00 Fire fighting appliance.
GN06/111 Rockhampton Wattlebank $6,857.94 Fire fighting equipment.
GN06/110 Rockhampton Turkey Beach $5,965.00 Vehicle air-conditioning & projector.
GN06/109 Rockhampton Stockyard Point $3,487.00 2000 watt inverter, camelbak's & kestrel meter.
GN06/108 Rockhampton Ambrose $2,000.00 Second hand appliance.
GN06/107 Rockhampton The Caves $7,500.00 Water tanker appliance.
GN06/106 Rockhampton Calliope $1,100.00 Medium appliance & repairs.
GN06/105 Bundaberg Auburn $890.00 Communication equipment.
GN06/088 Maryborough Ballogie $7,500.00 Help purchase & fit out 5,000 litre tank.
GN06/088 Maryborough Boonimba $649.00 2 hand held radios.
GN06/087 Maryborough Dunmora $2,421.87 Tank, earthworks, GPS & weather meters.
GN06/086 Maryborough Burrum Heads $4,000.00 Concrete apron.
GN06/084 Maryborough Miva $2,000.00 2 slip on units.
GN06/083 Maryborough Glencoe $2,836.00 Construct communications room.
GN06/079 Mackay Netherdale $710.00 Chainsaw.
GN06/078 Mackay Fort Cooper Mountain $1,171.64 4 x ICOM 40s UHF radios with speaker & leather cases.
GN06/076 Mackay Finch Hatton $229.00 Replace lost prescription glasses.
GN06/075 Mackay The Leap $2,100.00 Purchase fire fighting vehicle.
GN06/072 Mackay Coningsby $4,589.77 Purchase trailer.
GN06/071 Mackay Koumala $7,500.00 New fire fighting appliance.
GN06/070 Mackay West Plane Creek $3,716.62 Slip on unit, 2 speed loaders & fire fighting equipment.
GN06/069 Mackay Cedars $6,673.25 Trailer & fire fighting equipment.
GN06/068 Mackay Munbura No 1 & 2 $1,212.72 Mop up unit & 2 speed loaders.
GN06/067 Ipswich Warrill View $7,500.00 Medium Isuzu vehicle.
GN06/066 Ipswich Mount Alford $1,920.00 Security for fire station.
GN06/065 Ipswich Hatton Vale-Summerholm $900.00 Power assisted brakes for tank trailer.
GN06/064 Ipswich Gilston Advancetown $7,500.00 Funding towards shed extension.
GN06/063 Ipswich Rosevale $774.12 UHF base radio set up.
GN06/062 Ipswich Moore Linville $2,233.00 Auto rewind hose reel.
GN06/061 Ipswich Lower Cressbrook $2,100.00 Container for storage of brigade equipment.
GN06/060 Mackay Mount Marlow $1,847.44 Mop up unit, speed loaders & fire fighting equipment.
GN06/042 Emerald Duaringa Town $12,100.00 Medium attack appliance.
GN06/041 Emerald Iona $3,630.00 Shipping container for storage of brigade equipment.
GN06/040 Emerald Duckworth $1,632.41 Mop up unit.
GN06/038 Cloncurry Mitchel-Palmer $2,727.50 UHF two way radios.
GN06/036 Charters Towers Clare $7,500.00 New fire fighting appliance.
GN06/034 Charters Towers Canteen Creek $1,244.25 Mop up units & speed loader.
GN06/033 Charters Towers Reid River $7,500.00 Medium attack vehicle.
GN06/031 Cairns Springmount District $4,589.77 Trailer & mop up unit.
GN06/030 Cairns Mount Carbine $4,892.05 Various fire fighting equipment.
GN06/027 Caboolture Wattle Grove $1,244.25 Mop up units & speed loader.
GN06/025 Caloundra Tanawha $556.30 Replace glasses.
GN06/020 Bundaberg Glenrae $2,573.21 Various fire fighting equipment & fire ground communication equipment.
GN06/018 Bundaberg Boolboonda $1,902.94 Various fire fighting equipment.
GN06/017 Bundaberg McIlwraith/Damascus $683.00 Wind meter & seat covers.
GN06/016 Bundaberg Merarie $758.12 Fire ground communication equipment.
GN06/014 Bundaberg Pumpkin Hut $4,123.10 2 Mop up units, 2 speed loaders & various fire fighting equipment.
GN06/013 Bundaberg Wallaville $2,345.20 2 Tait VHF hand held radios with accessories.
GN06/012 Bundaberg Goomburrum $4,909.84 2 Mop up units, 2 speed loaders & various fire fighting equipment.
GN06/011 Bundaberg Glenrae $890.00 Radio communication equipment.
GN06/010 Bundaberg Branch Creek $928.33 Radio communication equipment.
GN06/009 Bundaberg Byrnestown $3,886.32 Various fire fighting equipment.
GN06/008 Bundaberg Coonambula $4,123.10 2 Mop up units, 2 speed loaders & various fire fighting equipment.
GN06/007 Bundaberg East Monto $4,664.66 2 Mop up units, 2 speed loaders & various fire fighting equipment.
GN06/004 Barcaldine Windeyer $966.12 Mop up unit.
GN06/003 Barcaldine Ilfracombe $905.57 Safety Equipment.
GN06/002 Barcaldine East Darr $2,425.44 Mop up unit & speed loader.

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