No trucks for you!

Thursday, 7 Oct 2021

This year the QFES planned to build 45 Rural Fire Brigade vehicles plus 4 tankers.
The plan in the 21/22 financial year was to build:
  • 17 Light Attack Ford Rangers extracab
  • 15 Isuzu Medium Attack single cabs
  • 7 Isuzu Medium Attack dual cabs
  • 4 Town Heavy Attacks (the same as the Burketown and Birdsville trucks built by the RFBAQ)
  • 1 water tanker
  • 1 heavy water tanker
And here are the + 4 trucks that will be built this year but were announced in previous years are:
  • 2 water tanker
  • 2 heavy water tankers
*these numbers do not include the trucks built/being built by the RFBAQ or the trucks built/being built by the RFSQ Charitable Trust
This is now not happening.
Now no medium attack or heavy attack trucks for Rural Fire Brigades will be built in the 21/22 financial year; instead the QFES is going to build 44 Ford Ranger light attacks and 1 Landcruiser light attack (RFBAQ design) with 2 tankers and 2 heavy tankers that were not built in previous years.
The reason that the QFES could not buy any trucks is COVID.
While other land management organisations and fire services that build and use Isuzu trucks as platforms are building and delivering mediums and heavies to their frontline firefighters in fire season, the QFES could not procure any.
The Rural Fire Service Queensland has stated that it needs 60 trucks per year, every year to maintain the existing fleet with a turnover of vehicles at 15 years.
There are many Rural Fire trucks in the field that are over 20 years old and now another year will pass before they are replaced.
The revised build numbers for 22/23 financial year is:
  • 15 Medium Attack single cabs
  • 7 Medium Attack dual cabs
  • 4 Heavy Attacks
  • 1 Tanker
  • 1 Heavy Tanker
This is a total of 28 trucks against the annual need of 60 trucks.
The RFBAQ Submission to the KPMG Independent Review into the QFES outlined many years of failures and this is another to add to the long list. (read the submission here).
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