Graeme McWilliam, RFBAQ Maryborough Representative and Sandy Straits RFB member has passed away

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Graeme was very passionate about volunteering and representing his brigade members in the Maryborough RFSQ Area.
Graeme was also a former member of the RFBAQ Senior Executive, and this allowed him to work in support of brigades and their members across the state.

He was the RFBAQ member on the QFES committee that looks at the fabrics that uniforms are made of and was also the RFBAQ member on the QFES Communications Committee.

He was also a good friend and someone who would give great consideration to a question. You may have got an answer back after two or three days, but when you did it had a lot of thought put into it.

Graemeā€™s illness was short and he was with those he loved.

Graeme did not want a funeral and his family and executor are abiding by that wish.

RFBAQ head office can be contacted on 07 5480 5130.

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