Help us find the Fire Danger Rating Signs

Friday, 3 Sep 2021

Across Queensland there are heaps of Fire Danger Rating Signs and we want to know where they are and what condition they are in.

All signs will need to be upgraded in the future with new segments to the FDR scale and many signs are in poor repair.
Another really good reason to know where the signs are is that the RFBAQ, TMR and QFES are looking for great spots to put the new Solar Powered Electronic Fire Danger Rating Signs with Community Messaging (read about that here).
We think that some of the existing signs will be in excellent positions and that the new solar powered signs can replace the old manual ones.
So, if you are a brigade member, not a brigade member but want to be (click here to join a brigade), or a community minded Queenslander with a smart phone; we would like your help.
Rural Fire Service Queensland have created a system that works on almost every smart device.
All that is needed is for a person to scan the below QR code and choose “Open in browser” - this will open a very simple capture tool which allows the user to take a quick picture and enter some basic details about the sign and press submit. 
This information is then automatically captured by the RFSQ GIS people in a dashboard, from which they can access the sign details and photos quickly.  
Below is a quick “How to” 

To open via a QR code 

  1. Open your camera on your “smart” device
  2.  “show” it the QR Code
  3.  A dialog box will show asking you to open it in your internet browser 
  4. It will open a green page with a choice to either open in your browser or in the survey 123 app
  5. This will open the “app” 

To open via the URL 

  1. “Click” on the button above, or this link 
  2. this will open a green screen with a choice to open in either browser or in the survey 123 app
  3. Open in your choice 

Follow below to Capture 

  1.  “click” on the box “Take a photo”
  2. Take the photo using your camera 
  3. Verify your location on the map by “clicking” on the “find my location” button or by entering your location in the search bar
  4. Enter a name of the person submitting photo 
  5. Enter sign placement details – i.e. northern side of Warrego Highway facing west bound traffic 
  6. Enter sign managers name – if known 
  7. Enter ownership details – if known 
  8. Click Submit 
Ta Da - That’s it. The details will be accessable immediately on the dashboard. 
A huge thanks in advance for everyone who helps out; this will make all of our communities safer for the future.

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