Heavy Attack build underway – North Coast and Brisbane/South East Region LandCruisers ready next week

Monday, 8 Jun 2020

The Heavy Attack trucks for Burketown and Birdsville are now 70% funded.

The first truck to be finished will be the Burketown truck which will be delivered to the brigade in October/November, weather permitting.
100% of this truck was funded through tax deductible donations and we would sincerely like to thank the below people and organisations for making this happen.
Kylie Jenner George Cayford Wan-Ling Zhuang Central Queens Elementary School
Scenic Damian Grasso Pressure Drop Brewing Jenny McDonald
GlobalGiving Laura Maguire Qrail Entertainment Industry Foundation
Michelin Samantha Dureau Justin Choveaux AGM Foods
Michael Enright PayPal Giving Fund Viva Energy Sunshine Coast Fires Charity Fundraiser
Mr Alexander Heap Janet Handyside Youi Sheldon College
Mrs Ghislaine Chizzoni Stephane Hall Beth Martin Scott Holmes - Brisbane Isuzu
Guy Pardy Murphy Family Foundation Ken Matthews Marilyn Harris
Harcourts Foundation Mr Peter Hayes  Wynnum Manly Bridge Club INC  Coastal Community Foundation (USA)
If you would like to make a donation and get your name on a plaque that will be given to the brigades, please visit our website here.


LandCruiser Prototype Update

The North Coast Region and the Brisbane/South East Region LandCruiser prototypes will be completed this week and will be picked up by the RFBAQ Reps early next week.
Each vehicle will have plenty of feedback forms for brigade members to fill in to help design the final general purpose LandCruiser for brigades.
Get onto your local rep and find out when it’s coming to you.

These 6 LandCruisers were fully funded by a hugely generous donation from the Sunshine Coast Broadcasting Trust.

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