Grant applications approved for Round Mountain RFB and Gaeta RFB

Monday, 23 Jul 2018

The RFBAQ SEM met on Saturday and approved both grant applications that were tabled.
Round Mountain RFB is located in the Townsville RFSQ Area and has been approved for $10,000 to go towards the laying of a slab for their future fire shed. There are 33 active members of the brigade and 7 support members.  The total cost of the project is just over $70,000 to build a 16m x 9m fire shed. QFES has committed to contribute $25,000. 
Round Mountain RFB does not collect a Rural Fire Levy as the brigade states that there is an insufficient number of rate payers in the brigade area due to the large property sizes. To see what else this proactive brigade is up to – follow them on Facebook.
Gaeta RFB is located in the Bundaberg RFSQ area and has been approved for $1,481.34 to purchase safety related signage for the fire shed they are constructing. Gaeta RFB has 36 members with half being active and half support and has been working on a fire shed that is not yet complete. 
At a recent brigade visit from the local council, a couple of people tripped, and as the brigade takes their community safety to be a major priority this grant will be used for floor marking tape, anti-slip tape, emergency exit and wet floor signage, safety cones, fire extinguisher signage and the like.
The management committee of the brigade estimate that a further $24,000 is needed to complete the shed. Brigade funds are limited, as the annual fire levy of $30 per ratepayer totals to just over $3,000 per year. Due to this, brigade members spend much of their time in fundraising activities.
The brigade has received previous RFBAQ grants – 
2009 - $1,144. 26 for office equipment
2010 - $4,262 for an urgent upgrade to firefighting equipment after the 2009 Gaeta fires
2016 - $6,585 for rainwater tanks to go onto the shed being constructed
2018 - $1,481.34 for safety related signage for the fire shed
To see what else this proactive brigade is up to – follow them on Facebook.
Fire Season is upon us - Brigade Specific Donations
The RFBAQ ask that brigades bank these cheques as soon as possible or supply the RFBAQ with your BSB and account number so that we can electronically deposit the donation into the brigade account. 

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