Brigade Grants Approved at monthly meeting

Monday, 2 Nov 2020


The RFBAQ management committee met on Friday 30th October and approved the below grants.

Munburra RFB is a Primary Producer Brigade in the Mackay RFSQ Area and within Mackay Regional Council area. The brigade has 14 members. The approved grant is for $2,000 which is to replace a 20 year old trailer that carries a 1,000 litre pod. Part of the McEwens Beach community has water hydrants and the trailer provides water for the portion without fire hydrants. Munburra RFB has had a previous RFBAQ grant for a Mop up Unit and speed loader in 2004.
Kokotungo RFB is a Primary Producer Brigade in the Gladstone RFSQ Area and within Banana Shire. The brigade has 21 members. Established in 1956  the brigade services approx. 764 sq klm. The approved grant is for $1,133 which will purchase 4 handheld UHF radios for fire ground communications. Kokotungo RFB has very recently received a AngloAmerican/RFBAQ Mop up Unit and speedloader.
Ogmore RFB is a Primary Producer Brigade that is transitioning into a Rural Brigade in the Rockhampton RFSQ area and within Livingstone Shire. This change of brigade type reflects that Ogmore RFB is soon to receive its first truck which is a RFBAQ supplied LandCruiser. The brigade has 14 active members and the approved grant of $3,285 is to purchase a laptop computer, software and printer. Ogmore RFB has previously received an RFBAQ grant for a water tank, stand and fittings in 2010.
Another grant was unsuccessful as the application was not supported by the local RFSQ Inspector.
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