Grants Approved As Reps Meet With Minister and Commissioner

Tuesday, 22 Mar 2022

The RFBAQ General Meeting was held over the weekend at Alexandra Hills south of Brisbane and 5 proposed grants were on the agenda as well as attendance from the Minister, Mark Ryan MP and QFES Commissioner Greg Leach.

Turkey Beach RFB in the Gladstone RFSQ area is a brigade with 35 members and covers 460 sq klm in the Gladstone Regional Council area. GRC each year supports brigades through donations drawn from council rates and this amazing local government support allows brigades to operate and defend their communities. 
As the brigade secretary stated in their application - The Brigade has run out of room. With the introduction of the P3 masks, it is a requirement to have a clean room constructed to sanitise and store the masks, A sink has been installed in the only available space in the station, but when appliances are housed, there are only a few inches from the sink to the 35 appliance and trailer. There is no clear path between the bays, Our training room is very small and volunteers are packed in like sardines when courses are run. With the new shed being built and appliances housed there, a clean room can be constructed beside the office and the middle two bays will in time be refurbished as a larger training room. 
The Brigade is asking for assistance with the cost of the construction of the shed.
The RFBAQ approved $10,000 for the brigade to construct a free standing shed. 
Previous RFBAQ grants to Turkey Beach RFB are – 
  • 2006 - $5,965 for vehicle air conditioning and projector
  • 2013 - $9,037 for electric reel and hose
  • 2016 – Rexel Safety pack
  • 2020 - $3,329 for air conditioning in the training room
  • 2021 – RFBAQ/RFSQ FLIR
Bluewater RFB in the Townsville RFSQ Area is a brigade with 30 members and covers 143 sq klm in the Townsville City Council area. Townsville City Council collects a Rural Fire Levy on its rates notices and this contribution from the community to a community fire brigade has allowed Bluewater and the other local brigades to build a large capacity to respond locally and project support across the state. 
As the local RFSQ Inspector wrote in supporting the application – The brigade desire to replace their current asset with a dual cab Toyota Landcruiser will increase their capacity of water resupply for their 35 asset on the fire ground and increased crew comfort.
The RFBAQ approved $5,000 towards a heavy duty GVM upgrade on the Toyota Landcruiser.
Previous grants for Bluewater RFB are – 
  • 2012 - $10,000 for brigade training and incident control room
  • 2014 - $8,283 for a fire attack system on 35 asset
  • 2018 - $10,000 for concrete forecourt
GordonBrook RFB in the Burnett RFSQ Area is a brigade with 31 members and covers 190 sq klm in the South Burnett Regional Council area. South Burnett Regional Council collects a Rural Fire Levy on its rates notices and it is this ongoing funding which is supporting this brigade in building their first fire shed. The brigade received its first fire truck last year.
As the brigade secretary stated in their application - Our brigade ( the sixth oldest rural brigade operating in Qld.) is in the process of establishing our first fire shed. We have obtained the use of land from the Transport and Main Roads Department at the corner of Ellwoods Road Gordonbrook. Our members have cleared and levelled the site and with the donation of 43 tonnes of deco, have laser levelled and compacted the pad ready for construction….
The Rural Fire Service has approved our application for the RFSQ grant of $25,000 towards the construction costs and the brigade has been allocated a further $25,000 in this year’s fire levy. These amounts plus the brigade's funds are sufficient to construct the building, however we still need assistance with the costs of plumbing, electrical and power connection and other fitting out of the shed.
The RFBAQ approved $10,000 towards the fire shed construction.
Previous grants for Gordonbrook RFB are – 
  • 2020 - $525 for 2 handheld radios
  • 2021 - RFBAQ/RFSQ FLIR
Perry River RFB in the Bundaberg RFSQ area is a brigade with 17 members and covers 199 sq klm in the Bundaberg Regional Council Area. Bundaberg Regional Council collects a Rural Fire Levy on its rates notices and this community contribution allows small settlements to fund equipment and buildings that could never have been achieved by local fundraising.
The local RFBAQ rep wrote in support of the application - In October 2018 the group received funding from RFBAQ for a retaining wall with drainage along the north of their shed, and that has helped manage the runoff and resulting mud that
occurs when heavy rainfall is received. However, mud is still brought into their shed when the driveway is wet and the brigade appliance is driven inside, so the brigade has decided to extend the existing concrete pad another 7m out from the shed. The pad will also be extended 5m from the south side of the shed, so brigade members can back their appliance in, to fill its water tank from the shed’s water tank.
At the same time, additional drainage will be added, and the general slope of the driveway will be altered slightly to that the whole area drains better and away from their shed. One of their members requires a walker, so access for her into the neighbouring community hall will be facilitated by a future ramp from the new concrete pad to the side entrance of the hall. The brigade has an arrangement with the hall to hold their regular meetings there.
The RFBAQ approved $5,000 towards wheel chair access and drainage.
Previous grants for Perry River RFB are – 
  • 2011 - $6,263 for 2 water tanks, fridge, laptop and printer
  • 2016 - $2692 for various firefighting equipment
  • 2018 - $3,500 retaining wall and drainage
  • 2019 – Satsleeve
A RFBAQ Hardship Grant was approved and the suppliers were immediately paid for a brigade member in the RFSQ South Coast Area. The member lost their home and belongings in the flood and the RFBAQ have funded a generator and power tools as well as an esky and Weber barbecue. The grant amount was $4,036.

Is your brigade in need of equipment? Are you building a new shed, or upgrading an existing one? Perhaps we can help! Check out our grant guidelines and process, and download an application form here:


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