Wednesday, 1 Dec 2021

FusionCruiser - We will make a safer light attack firefighting platform that also meets brigade needs.

The RFBAQ are fusing the crew safety learnings from the Innovation Platform onto the RFBAQ designed Landcruiser Light Attack. The Toyota Landcruiser has arrived at Madills in Gympie and is receiving its GVM upgrade, bull bar, brush bars and chunky tyres. In the new year it will move down to QuikCorp to have the back manufactured and fitted with handover scheduled for mid-May 2022.
FusionCruiser features and inclusions:  
  • Sentinel 300 air purifier that will be located behind the cab.
  • An over cab CAFS crew protection spray that is activated from within the cab using a dedicated electric motor.
  • An electric chainsaw and charge point to reduce the amount and types of fuel carried.
  • Batter sprays, both drivers and passengers side, activated by either driver or passenger.
  • Passenger side firefighting outlet behind cab.
  • Main pump start and revs managed from within cab. 
  • Crew protection blanket located within cab for ease of access in emergency.
  • Drip torch fuel storage built under tray (there will be no fuel stored in lockers).
  • All lockers keyed alike with possibility of central locking on total of vehicle.
  • Auxiliary battery.
  • Rated recovery points front and rear.
  • Built in bushfire mapping tablet holder and integrated charge points.
  • Mobile Cellular Network Signal Booster Repeater Amplifier Unit.
  • 1B50 Hatz engine to GAAM 70D pump.
  • 550 litres of water in belly tank.
  • Steel bull bar and brush bars.
  • 4.2t GVM Lovells upgrade.
  • Next gen FLIR PathFindIR built into the cab roof  - night vision system that helps you clearly see road hazards in total darkness, and it will alert you to nearby vehicles, people, and animals.
With full stowage and two firefighters the vehicle weight is forecast to come in at 3.9t.
The RFBAQ design will also incorporate improvement to the current Landcruiser design with the spare wheel slide and the spare wheel door operating like a gate. The cab chassis is a GXL instead of the previous Workmate’s as the GXL has diff lock and comfier seats. 
The plan is to have the vehicle 100% tested and on road by FarmFest 2022 and then showcase it to brigade members until June 2023 where the chosen brigade drives away from the second RFSQ Summit in the vehicle.
A huge thanks to RFSQ / QFES for covering the fuel and maintenance, the full stowage, lightbars and siren on the vehicle as well as travel costs when the vehicle is out in brigade land.
Expressions of interest will open in later December 2022 to brigades without a fire truck and brigades with a new/near new fire truck that can be cascaded to a brigade without a fire truck.
Here is the prospective run sheet with local meeting places refined closer to the dates between local RFSQ Area Offices and local RFBAQ Reps. 

Want to see the brigade feedback on Landcruiser 1.0? -  https://rfbaq.org/landcruiser_prototype_combinedfeedback

Want to see the information on the Innovation Platform? - https://rfbaq.org/innoplat

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