First fire truck in Australia fitted with Sentinel 300 air purifier

Friday, 23 Apr 2021

This Sentinel 300 has been specifically designed to fit in the Isuzu dual cabs that are in Queensland.

An enormous thanks to Semperfire for making the unit to meet the identified need and then donating it to the brigade and another huge thanks to QuikCorp for fitting the device and managing the 12 month assessment process to evaluate the trial.
By adding this air purifier we are trying to achieve two goals: 
  1. The removal of particulates out of the air within the cab, this will make a safer place for firefighters on the fireground and reduce exposure to cancer causing materials (Firefighters are more likely to contact 12 different types of cancer than the general population*).  
  2. As the fire service does not pay to have airconditioning fitted in the rear of dual cab appliances the rear space can become hot and fetid very quickly. 

* Follow our journey to achieve equal cancer coverage for all firefighters here.

The desire is that the Sentinel 300 will distribute cool air from the front of the cab to the rear.
This lack of aircon in the dual cabs is a long standing issue that has not been addressed – here is a section from a Hazard Report (SHE) from 2015 and the brigade still has not received any response from the QFES regarding this matter.
Click image to view full size.
The device runs when the engine is operating and there is also the ability to switch it off on the device.
The vehicle fitted with the Sentinel 300 can be identified by the green light on the top of the cab. This light is on when the beacons are activated. This will allow for quick identification of the fire ground of a cooler and safer place to put firefighters affected by heat stress or injury while waiting for medical attention.
Acting Commissioner Mike Wassing AFSM was onsite at QuikCorp Kawana to inspect the fitting of the device.

Semper Fire


QuikCorp Fire Engineering

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