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Please note that we are moving offices June 15 to 25. Donations made on our website during this time may be delayed. Receipts will be issued as soon as we are up and running in our new premises (Monday June 25th 2018). Thank you for your understanding, and your valued support.

How do I donate to the RFBAQ?

Step 1. Simply fill in the form below
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Once you have completed the form, click the "Proceed to Payment" button 

You will then receive a tax deductible receipt from us for your records, and your donation will be utilised to provide the services, tools and resources that the rural fire brigades and our volunteers desperately need. 

You don't have to be wealthy to donate to the RFBAQ - whatever you choose to give will make a difference.

It is with the deepest gratitude that we thank you for supporting the RFBAQ and the brave men and women that support our communities.


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