Christmas Fire trucks for Bilyana RFB and Coalstoun Lakes RFB

Tuesday, 22 Dec 2020

Saturday the 19th December saw the RFBAQ give another two LandCruiser light attack fire trucks to two brigades without a fire truck.

The RFBAQ are in the process of giving away 8 LandCruisers to brigades without a fire truck. Out of the 1,401 Rural Fire Brigades in Queensland only 567 brigades or 40% have a truck.
The vehicle has been designed by volunteer firefighters in Queensland specifically for volunteer firefighters in Queensland and was manufactured by a Queensland company, Quik Corp Fire Engineering. Each LandCruiser with the suspension upgrade and fit out costs $120,000.
These vehicles were 100% funded by donations to the RFBAQ and the trucks will be the property of the brigade and not the fire service. That means in 20 or so years when the brigade goes to sell the Toyota landcruiser they can keep the money and also sell it into the local community instead of it going to Brisbane to auction. The three things that are true in life is death, taxes and LandCruisers are always worth money.
The Rural Fire Service has kindly undertaken to insure, fuel and maintain the vehicle for the brigade.
Bilyana Rural Fire Brigade is a Primary Producer brigade in the Cassowary Coast Regional Council area. The brigade has 10 firefighters and a total of 20 members. Current equipment is 3 mop up units and a trailer. The brigade is active in supporting QPWS and HQP with their annual regime for managing fuel loads on local and neighbouring estates. This work is ideally suited to light attack size appliances and often requires vehicles with sound ability to traverse the local landscape. Bilyana's immediate district is largely all primary production land (cane and bananas) and mostly level / low lying however the brigade is active in supporting operations further afield to assist neighbours with fire threats.
Photo – Les Green AFSM, RFBAQ Innisfail Rep hands the keys over to 1ST officer Michael Ottone and Secretary Pat McCool
Coalstoun Lakes Rural Fire Brigade is a Primary Producer brigade in the North Burnett Regional Council area. The brigade has 22 firefighters and a total of 30 members. Current equipment is 5 mop-up units, 2 trailer units and a medium attack that is shared by 5 local brigades and is located in Biggenden. This brigade is very proactive within their community conducting Hazard Reduction Burns,covering terrain that is mountainous with extinct volcanoes which makes access an issue. Currently the brigade have two trailer units that get responded first due to the members not having unload their utes of their farming tools and equipment, followed by the slip on units.
Photo – Ian Pike AFSM, RFBAQ President and Lesly Brand, RFBAQ Maryborough Rep hand the keys over to 1st Officer Peter McNaughton 


If you want to see the stats on Rural Fire in Queensland then have a look at the 2020 stats as provided by RFSQ:



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