Bill Doorley, RFBAQ West Moreton Representative retires

Friday, 28 Oct 2022

The RFBAQ management committee would like to thank Bill Doorley for his service as an elected RFBAQ Representative for the RFSQ West Moreton Area.
Bill has been a long standing and active brigade member for decades and we wish him all the best for his retirement at the seaside with his fishing rod.
Next year is a RFBAQ triennial election year and the management committee are seeking a brigade member from the West Moreton RFSQ Area to fill the casual vacancy ahead of the election cycle.
Below are the eligibility requirements for nomination to fill the casual vacancy. All applications that meet the eligibility requirements will be presented to the RFBAQ management committee by the returning officer.
With so much happening in the Rural Fire world it is important that the West Moreton brigades are represented.
The next meeting of the management committee is Friday 25th November and at this meeting applications will be presented.
If you wish to apply to fill this casual vacancy please email the returning officer at with a short bio and history of brigade membership with positions held and duration.
Applications close Tuesday 22nd November.
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the returning officer on 0428218507
By-Law No. 3 – Knowledge and Skills to be Eligible for Election and Retention as a District 
To ensure registered Rural Fire Brigades and their registered Volunteer Brigade Members are 
adequately represented in matters affecting their welfare and efficiency, on the State Executive of the Association, by the District Representative to be elected for that designated RFSQ District the 
following demonstrated knowledge and skills will be provided and substantiated by way of a resume 
(with supporting documentation) and accompany the Nomination Form referred to as Annexure A By-
Law No. 1. 
The Nominee will have: 
1. Held or be holding a position on the Management Committee of a Registered Rural Fire 
Brigade for a continuous period of not less than four (4) years. This would include the 
elected/appointed positions of Fire Officer, Brigade Training Officer, Fire Warden, 
Chairperson, Secretary or Treasurer. 
2. To be/have been active in matters affecting the welfare and efficiency of Rural Fire Brigades 
and their Volunteer Brigade Members at Shire or District level. 
3. A demonstrated knowledge of the operations and functions of Rural Fire Brigades within that 
RFSQ District. 
4. A demonstrated working knowledge of meeting procedure. 
5. A demonstrated ability to work positively within a committee system, which would endeavour 
to provide outcomes that would ensure positive benefits for Rural Fire Brigades and their 
Volunteer Members in the safe performance of their duties. 
6. A demonstrated ability to provide commitment to the work and aims of rural fire and effective 
transference of information to the brigade members they have served.    

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