Name: Cam Tindall
Position: Barcadine Representative
Address: "Darr River Downs', Longreach Qld 4730
Email: click here
Phone: 07 4658 9180
Mobile: 0427 589 180

Back in 1976, I became a volunteer firefighter for Tangorn RFB and then later with East Darr RFB and also Betts Creek RFB.

I am married with three grown sons and spend most of my time looking after my cattle grazing business which is spread across two properties, one is about 65,000 acres and the other is 55,000 acres.

Cattle grazing keeps me very busy but I still find time to do what I love the most and that is to play cricket ' I have been called many times by my friends as a cricket-a-holic!

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