8th LandCruiser

Donate to help build a fire truck

The goal is to build a Toyota LandCruiser Light Attack fire truck, which will then be donated to a Queensland Rural Fire Brigade identified as needing a truck.
This will be the eighth prototype Light Attack fire truck built by the RFBAQ, based on the Toyota LandCruiser platform. You can read more about the first six on our website here, and about the seventh that was funded in only 10 days here!

All funds donated will go 100% towards the truck build.

Shown in this image in the first of the Prototype Toyota LandCruiser Light Attack fire trucks to roll out of the factory. This vehicle will be touring the Far Northern RFSQ region, before being donated to a brigade in need.

The goal is to raise $122,000 plus GST.

The below graphic will fill with colour as funds are raised!

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