2,000 ltr Firefighting Trailer

Friday, 6 Nov 2020

In 2017 at the Rotary Field Days in Mareeba an identified need of brigades was realized through conversations with brigade members.
A locally manufactured prototype was built as a joint RFBAQ/RFSQ venture and while the concept was found to be sound the execution left much to be desired.
Fast forward to 2020 where the RFBAQ and RFSQ Assistant Commissioner John Bolger met and the concept was re-invigorated and the learnings of the 2017 protype used to produce a simple, workable and practical firefighting unit.
There are a number of Primary Producer Brigades that are looking after small and very small communities/settlements that find that slip on firefighting units and/or 1,000 ltr trailers units do not provide enough water and in the case of the slip on units, are not immediately available.
This has led to the construction of a 2,000 ltr firefighting trailer.
It carries more water than a medium attack fire truck.
Can be towed by a 3.5 t ute.
Motor / Pump combination easily serviced and parts easily sourced.
Requires minimal training.
Requires minimal maintenance.
Allows brigades to meet community needs while retaining Primary Producer Brigade status.
Can be stored almost anywhere in town such as Shire Council depot, Police house, under a metal awning next to the pub, as most Rural Fire Brigades do not have a fire shed/station.
This 2,000 ltr unit is to meet a specific risks in identified settlements/communities and again shows the diversity of brigade needs.
This is another example of the RFBAQ and RFSQ working together to make available the equipment that brigades and communities need to defend themselves.
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