Tumoulin RFB Receives Appliance

Thursday, 7 February 2013

A small township in the Innisfail District, Tumoulin boasts Queensland highest Railway Station and established Tumoulin Rural Fire Brigade in November of 1987.

Up until recently Tumoulin RFB relied on Bob Chester's old 'David Brown' tractor to help protect their small township, large grazing properties, agricultural land and National Parks.

Last year a generous donation was received by the RFBAQ from a supporter who donated their pride and joy, a Dodge Ram 4x4 truck, requesting that it be given to a brigade in need.

The RFBAQ, in consultation with Rural Operations were able to bring the Dodge Ram 4x4 onto fleet as a RFB Appliance.

The Dodge Ram is now permanently fitted with a Slip On Unit mounted and ready to go.

John Sheppard, Secretary Tumoulin Rural Fire Brigade is thrilled with their new appliance, wishing to thank everyone who was involved in making 'Our dreams come true'.

L to R: Rhonda Allen, Chairman Tumoulin RFB; Bob Chester, Fire Warden; Brian Needham, RFBAQ Representative Innisfail District; John Sheppard, Secretary Tumoulin RFB

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